Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair & Splinter Tweezer

I have such a phobia of body hair and love nothing more than silky soft, smooth and hair free legs for which I wax them regularly. The only downside to waxing is that when the hair follicles regrow, sometimes a hair can become trapped under the skin and grow inwards, creating a red and tender bump on the surface known as an ingrowing-hair. For the majority of the time my legs are fine, but every once in a while I will discover an ingrowing hair on my shins and no matter how much I exfoliate of dig with my tweezers I just can’t seem to remove it, and the surrounding skin becomes sore and red as I plunge and pick hopelessly with the corners of my blunt tweezers.

Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair & Splinter Tweezer

Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair & Splinter Tweezer

Whilst having a browse on Amazon I happened to chance upon a seller called Majestic Bombay who stock the stainless steel ingrowing hair and splinter tweezer and immediately had to have a pair. I also got a splinter whilst pruning the roses back in the garden last week and had to soak my finger in warm salt water until it wrinkled up before digging it out with a sewing needle which was a task and a half in itself, clumsy and painful.

The stainless steel splinter tweezers are simple the clean and sterilise as I run them under boiling kettle water before and after use, replacing the protective cap over the sharp tip to store safely once done. They have a wide grip and sharp aligned precision tip allowing for surgical accuracy when removing hairs and splinters, without damaging the surrounding skin at all unlike traditional tweezers.

As a mother and home-waxer these tweezers are incredibly practical and everything I’ve been needing and looking for, without even knowing that such a thing existed until now. I cannot praise them highly enough and wish I’d discovered them far sooner. They are such a fantastic and simple idea easily slipping under the skin without any fuss or pain; a must have for every home and beauty bag!

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