MEM Fitness Mpower Sea Monster Sports Bra & Leggings

Fitness fashion has such a dramatic effect on your attitude and outlook towards working out, as undoubtedly if you look in the mirror and like what you see you’re more likely to keep up the good work. likewise when fitness apparel holds you properly, gives you support and allows you to earn the burn in comfort it makes going hard that little bit easier, which is precisely why I love MEM Fitness.

MEM Fitness Mpower Sea Monster Sports Bra & Leggings

MEM Fitness Mpower Sea Monster Sports Bra & Leggings

Here I am wearing the Mpower sea monster sports bra and leggings set which is futuristically fabulous. The bright pop of aquamarine is such a fresh and empowering colour, with the iconic MEM logo featured at the hip and along the bra strap. This totally puts me in mind of the movie Tron with it’s geometric style and industrial accents and angles and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen at the gym before.

The leggings are conveniently high waisted and finish at my belly button in height, which as a mother of two gives me the coverage and confidence to rock a bra top. I get extremely hot when I workout and find it hard to push on when I’m sweating and crave cold air and a breeze. With the shoulders, arm and upper torso being exposed my body heat can easily escape and keep my stamina on track as I can go stronger for longer. The set fits beautifully, with a slight stretch that hugs the body and reduces bounce and wobble. Wether I’m jogging, boxing, doing yoga or on the bike, I’m totally unrestricted for movement and free to enjoy my workout in style. Priced at just £45.00 for the set from MEM Fitness this is another prime example of fitness fashion at it’s finest.
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  • I’m a man with no fashion sense all I can say is they look fabulous on you which isn’t helpfully at all. So in the future I will not be commenting on fashion. Unless it’s something that really causes a reaction inside. Like you in a your red bikini or a pretty dress and I remember a few very well. You have a pretty blue dress with a white design in it that I remember vividly. Or a red and black checkered shirt that I loved seeing you in. Your outfit you wore to go out and about London recently that was like a blue denim top and jeans. Anyway I’m going to save you the time of reading comments on things I know nothing about. Sincerely Frank Edward Tripp.

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