Moo Free Vegan Organic Rice Milk Chocolate

I’m a total unashamed chocoaholic, but when I made the life changing decision to go vegan after 23yrs as a vegetarian I mourned the thought of never having choccie again. There’s something about chocolate that is so reassuring, satisfying and luxurious. As soon as I peel back the shiny foil wrapper my mouth starts to water and I daydream about the first bite, the crumbling crunch of the milk as it flakes and the soft melting creaminess that engulfs the mouth. But seeing as dairy is now a no no for me, thankfully I discovered Moo Free, an ingenious range of chocolate products made from rice milk instead of cows milk.

Moo Free Vegan Organic Rice Milk Chocolate

Moo Free Vegan Organic Rice Milk Chocolate

Not only is the chocolate surprisingly dairy free but it’s also organic, casein free, gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan friendly, which on first thoughts I presumed would taste less than appetising, because surely the seductive taste of chocolate comes from its dairy milk content. Oh how wrong I was!

Moo Free’s multi award winning dairy free chocolate switches cows milk for rice milk and tastes ridiculously like chocolate, only far nicer. Made in the UK in strictly dairy-free conditions there is no chance of contamination, intolerance or allergies as all ingredients are natural, organic and ethically sourced. With a blend of cocoa, sugar and rice the chocolate is beautifully sweet, creamy and moreish just like regular chocolate, only more flavoursome and glossy. I tend to find dark chocolate too bitter and white chocolate rather sweet, with this being a delicate balance between the two. With a RRP of £2.70 for a 100g bar and 79p for a 20g bar it’s a health conscious option that won’t break the bank or your waistline.
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