Muscle Food GOLEAN Crunch Protein Cereal

Years ago I found a nutty cluster cereal that I was absolutely hooked on and ate it religiously everyday for breakfast because I just couldn’t get enough of it. Yet when I discovered it was loaded with sugar and full of calories it broke my heart and I never ate it again. Why is it the foods we love most are always so bad for us? So with a fondness for fitness I’ve learned to monitor my junk intake in order to maintain a healthy active and balanced lifestyle. When I spotted this protein packed cereal at Muscle Food I literally squealed with excitement.

Muscle Food GOLEAN Crunch Cereal

Muscle Food GOLEAN Crunch Protein Cereal

This cereal contains Kashi seven whole grains and sesame that have been toasted to perfection to provide a low fat and high fibre hearty meal, with over twice the fibre of standard supermarket breakfast cereals. The whole grains help to lower blood pressure whilst also reducing the chance of developing coronary heart disease.

With 8g of fibre and 9g of protein per 53g serving the cereal contains zero saturated fat and cholesterol, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. I’m not a fan of having cereal with milk because I enjoy my food most when it has texture and crunch rather than being soggy, and for me it’s far more satisfying to nibble on a handful of cereal as a snack between meals rather than a brunch bar or junk food.

This protein cereal is deliciously moreish with various textures thanks to the mixed grains, ranging from crisp and puffy like rice cakes to dense and crunchy like oat cookies. It’s savoury sweet taste puts me in mind of Cheerios with a slight hint of honey and cinnamon, and it’s pretty rare to find something that tastes so satisfying whilst being incredibly good for a healthy, fitness-friendly diet and lifestyle. Muscle Food have restored my faith in cereal and thankfully made one of my all time favourites a part of my healthy diet. Hoorah!

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