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I am the ultimate nibbler, snacking throughout the day as part of my vegetarian diet. It is well known that eating little and often every couple of hours is far healthier than starving yourself, skipping meals or eating oversized portions at ungodly hours. When I snack I tend to eat a handful of savouries that are satisfying in taste and texture as opposed to sugary and sweet foods. My nibbles range from nuts and seeds to oat based bars, dried fruits and wholemeal breads. So I was more than a little excited to discover the exceptionally savoury range by Nibnibs.

Tracy Kiss For NibNibs

Tracy Kiss For NibNibs

Nibnibs personally source their ingredients to ensure they are of the finest quality and beautifully British. All snacks are produced in their bakery in North Yorkshire for which they are a reassuringly local and true artisan producer. I have been nibbling my way through their delightful Mininibs snack tub range of Exceptional Cheddar & Cheeky Onion Straws, Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws, Exceptional Cheddar & Spicy Chilli Straws and Roasted Salt & Pepper JUMBO Peanuts.

The first thing that I noticed was the pretty packaging, like a sliced up tube, the handy travel size resealable and temperature tolerant foil-sealed tubs easily popped into my handbag, protecting a very generous sized handful of nibbles to take wherever I pleased, be it stuck in the M4 traffic jam on a scorching hot day or a football pitch sideline in the pouring rain. The packaging is wholesome looking with a matte finish and heartfelt pictures of the cheese straws cheerfully dancing in a line amongst green union jack flags and a clear nutritional values table, and my two young children are eyeing up the containers to use as pen pots and piggy banks.

There is nothing worse than snacks that draw you in with their bright packaging and clever advertising, then shoot you down when you read up on their calorie content and fats. With Nibnibs what you see if what you get, good, honest, handmade nibbles and their calorie content is very reasonable with the average tub containing under 330kcal, making an entire 65g tub of Mininibs a whopping 110kcal less than that of a cream egg and far more satisfying!

The proof shall certainly be in the pudding, or rather cheese straw, for taste, flavour, texture and satisfaction and boy oh boy do these beauties deliver on every level and then some. The cheese straws are simply divine, they are perfectly light yet delightfully dense, something you can really crunch your teeth into without being dry or hard. Much like a crisp breadstick crossed with a slice of moist cheese on toast and the occasional addition of chilli or onion. Each cheese straw is around an inch in length, plump and incredibly moreish. They have been a wonderful afternoon nibble whilst I blog, keeping hunger at bay and fulfilling my snacking needs. I also enjoyed them on a more adult level last night alongside a glass of wine and red grapes after dinner. Can I request a Meganib range next?

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For more information, a full product range or to buy these delicious nibbles online you can visit Nibnibs official site here!


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