Nude Jewellery Vanilla Links Double Link Silver Pendant

In my early teens I was an absolute magpie for bright and bold jewellery, big plastic shiny bangles, Pat Butcher earrings that stretch your lobes and turn your skin green, and cheap, poorly made disposable accessories that I had in every colour of the rainbow simply to match my shoes or bag. If an earring snapped I’d buy another, if a bangle cracked I’d throw it away, as when the latest trend came out I could buy three items for £10.00 from the high street.

Nude Jewellery Vanilla Links Double Link Silver Pendant

Nude Jewellery Vanilla Links Double Link Silver Pendant

Since reaching adulthood my taste has dramatically changed, and all for the best might I add, as I now appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of fine jewellery. Gone are the Christmas-cracker accessories and buckets of bangles and chains, and in their place are beautiful velvet cushions, a selection of timepieces, 18karat gold necklaces and diamond rings. I came to realise that it’s not the quantity of what you have that counts but the quality. As the years have passed I discovered my individuality and stopped trying to dress and look like everyone else. I didn’t want to be a walking bangle-horse so I ditched the mass-produced tat and switched my cubic zirconia’s for diamonds instead. In my eyes there is something breathtakingly beautiful about fine jewellery, and you need not wear a stitch of clothing for it to complete you, just look at Rose’s necklace when she posed for Jack’s drawing on the Titanic!

Jewellery should speak for itself, it should have presence, elegance and beauty that need not content with any other item of clothing, accessory or location. It can be big or small, subtle and elegant or bold and a statement, a single colour and finish or every colour of the rainbow, but the craftsmanship is what sets it aside from the supermarket specials. To feel the quality, weight and finish is testament to the piece, and whilst others may never realise it’s true value, in fifty years time when it is still sparkling and magnificent you can pass it onto loved ones as a treasured family heirloom. Here I am wearing the stunning handmade silver necklace from the Nude Jewellery Vanilla Links collection, which features two circular links of differing size that have been lightly hammered to create texture and react with the light, making each necklace unique. It is loving handmade in Mayfair, London, by the incredible jewellery designer Nikki Galloway, and the beautiful and elegant rings are looped onto a 16″ silver snake chain which sit just below the collarbone and has an air of elegance and understated beauty.

I have an infinity symbol ∞ tattoo’d onto my wrist, which are two links together, unbreakable, never ending and unchanged by time. To me infinity symbolises my strength and love for my children, and the Vanilla Links are an extension of this. As a single parent, these two links represent my 7yr old daughter and 2yr old son, with one slightly smaller than the other in accordance. I shall treasure my necklace forever and a day, and I keep it on constantly as it is a transitional piece that can be worn to all occasions from daywear to evening. It sits beautifully against the skin, doesn’t get in the way at all or hang down, and twinkles and sparkles as it catches the light. This Vanilla Links pendant is available at Nude Jewellery for just £85.00.
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