Nutrend Explosin Blueberry Pre Workout Supplement

When it comes to working out we can all do with a little extra burst of energy in advance to keep the fire burning whilst we work up a sweat. If like me you’re not a fan of taking caffeine through a coffee or shot of espresso then pre workout supplements are a great way to bring your stamina up to speed, and this blueberry Explosin from Nutrend is delicious.

Nutrend Explosin Blueberry Pre Workout Supplement

Nutrend Explosin Blueberry Pre Workout Supplement

Wether you’re a bodybuilder, fighter or a working out from home mother like me, this pre workout had me smashing todays cardio and core routine and I didn’t feel tired, weak or out of breath at all. The amount of water you add depends on how strong you like your energy drinks, I mixed a sachet of blueberry explosion with 150ml of cool tapwater in my shaker for a nice fruity kick. The drink is delicious and rich like berries and very much like a regular fruit squash for all intents and purposes, only within several minutes it begins to stimulate the body and raise your focus, concentration and energy levels.

Pre workouts usually leave me with tingling fingers when they start to take effect, and I feel like I want to run around and do everything at a hundred miles an hour in a hyperactive haze. The Explosin didn’t give me this feeling at all, as I felt unexpectedly normal when I began my workout, my heart wasn’t beating faster, I didn’t feel particularly charged or different in any way and so I presumed it was taking longer to kick in or hadn’t worked. But as I did my three hour workout I realised that my strength and stamina didn’t falter at all and I remained powerful and consistent throughout without any peaks or low points in energy. For a pre workout that leaves you calm and collected rather than panicked and charged, Explosin from Nutrend certainly excels which makes it the perfect yoga, walking, cycling and pole fitness supplement for my workouts.
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