Pad Thai Cuisine At The Rising Sun, Thame

Being a vegetarian for twenty-one years now and avoiding fish and egg, I find eating out can sometimes be a challenge, as I’m often faced with the difficult decision between either tomato pasta or a bland salad for dinner on a restaurant menu. However, since discovering Thai food not so long ago, I couldn’t wait to try out Pad Thai in Thame for a Father’s Day family gathering this weekend. Pad Thai is a Thai restaurant based in a traditional British pub, The Rising Sun, in Thame.

Pad Thai Cuisine At The Rising Sun, Thame

Pad Thai Cuisine At The Rising Sun, Thame

Situated on a chocolate box street in the heart of Thame, the stone-floored, oak-beamed pretty little gem of a pub, The Rising Sun, greets you with a warm traditional welcome. The mouth watering fragrance of Thai cuisine tantalises your tastebuds as soon as you step inside, and the beautiful flickering candle light complements the nooks and crannies of the old traditional bar, married seamlessly to the new glass roofed garden extension and modern restaurant within. Traditional ornate Thai tapestries flourished in gold and sequins hang proudly on the stone deep plum and muted khaki walls, as dark wood tables stand proud with their white napkins and sparkling silver cutlery.

Leafing through the menu, I was greeted with a choice of multiple vegetarian options, and the waitress was happy to prepare dishes without egg upon request. I ordered the following food:

Starters: Puk Choobpang Tod £4.95
A selection of deep fried vegetables in batter, served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

The sweet baby corn, broccoli and courgette were absolutely delicious, fresh, sweet and flavoursome with a batter so light, fluffy and crisp complimented by a juicy crunch and a dip of sweet chilli sauce.

Mains: Keang Pah Pak £6.10 (3 chilli rating)
A famous Thai jungle red curry with mixed vegetables, red and green peppers, aubergines, bamboo shoos and sweet basil.

I chose a Thai red curry for my main because I liked the list of ingredients but didn’t realise the heat rating was the maximum of three chillies. The sauce was absolutely divine, a bright creamy flavoursome red paste with a twist of heat and spice that caught the back of my throat and made my lips tingle. The vegetables were al dente, sweet and fresh which together with the sauce and sticky white rice kicked off a party for my tastebuds. It was a heat, taste and texture sensation that left me wanting more. My first experience of a Thai red curry at the Pad Thai was amazing and I would certainly go back for more.

Side: Kao Neur £2.95
Steamed sticky rice.

The rice is served as an extra side dish to a curry, and I prefer mine to be plain so ordered the steamed white. Thai rice is fairly stodgy, sticky and heavy, but teamed with the loose red sauce it made the perfect accompaniment and helped to soften the heat of the dish slightly.

Dessert: Vanilla Cheesecake £5.50
Very vanilla cheesecake served with ice cream.

Vanilla cheesecake is a great favourite of mine, and I preferred it over the choice of ice cream or sorbets. It caved apart with the touch of a fork, with a sweet crumbly base, a juicy sweet strawberry, cool vanilla ice cream and blob of whipped cream that left me ooh’ing and ahh’ing with every bite. As far as desserts go, the vanilla cheesecake was light, sweet, fluffy and the perfect sweet and cool contrast to a spicy flavoursome meal.

For a total of £19.50 I was very pleased with the price and the quality of food at the Pad Thai; the ambience of the candlelit restaurant was enchanting, the staff helpful and attentive and the food a beautiful fusion of taste, texture and flavour. What a fantastic establishment in a wonderful setting, I really look forward to returning again. The Rising Sun is situated on The High Street, Thame, Oxon OX9 2BZ. You can contact them on 01844 214206 for more information, and a take away service is available.

If you’ve eaten at the Pad Thai please feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback below, what did you eat? What dishes would you recommend and how often do you go?

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