A Perfect Nights Sleep With Duck Feather And Down Duvet & Pillows

I have used regular, everyday, synthetic fibre duvets and pillows my entire life, and at the ripe old age of twenty-six as a mother of two young children, I really need all of the sleep that I can get. Recently I’ve been finding it hard to get to sleep, and most importantly receive a good quality nights sleep, which I can only put down to my memory foam pillows and fabric duvet. Since having my children, Millisent is 6yrs and Gabriele soon-to-be 2yrs, I have always snatched handfuls of desperate sleep between night feeds and teething; but now that the children are getting older, I’m finding it harder than ever to sleep. Instead of my usual exhausted, collapse-off-to-sleep-in-the-early-hours-of-the-morning I now go to bed each evening and lay awake for hours on end tossing and turning, frustrated by my inability to get comfortable and switch off.

I Purchased A Duck Feather & Down Duvet Set And Pillows In The Hope Of Achieving Better Sleep

I Purchased A Duck Feather & Down Duvet Set And Pillows In The Hope Of Achieving Better Sleep

After having a browse around online I came across the natural filling of goose and duck feather and down duvets, as well as pillows that are far more expensive than the normal synthetic rivals, but are resultantly very highly praised. The natural filling claims to create a luxuriously soft and plump duvet for a perfect nights sleep by allowing the body to breathe whilst transporting moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable all night. I chose a 13.5 tog which is one of the warmest, as in order to sleep I like to be wrapped up snug and feel a weight on me to know that I am safe.

As I have a super king size bed, my duvet was the most expensive option available, but to me a quality nights sleep is absolutely priceless and well worth investing in. I also ordered four duck feather and down pillows to match my duvet, and have recently purchased brilliant white 100% Egyptian Cotton bed sheets to cover them. Now I simply have to wait for my delivery to arrive, and I’m literally counting down the Zzz’s, hurry up!

UPDATE: 01/04/14 – It’s Here!

This afternoon the doorbell rang and I greeted the delivery driver with the biggest smile ever. I have been so excited to receive my new bedding and test it out, so as soon as I got it out of the box I rushed straight upstairs with the duvet and pillow bags and into the bedroom.

I was expecting the duvet to be absolutely huge in size, rolled up like an inflatable castle, but when I opened it out it seemed almost the same as my previous. The major differences between the two duvets were the old synthetic one had discoloured from white to a miserable grey, it looked threadbare and thin in places and had lost its plumpness almost like a bread roll that had been sat on and squashed. The new natural duvet is heavier and has more substance, you can feel the stuffing inside that is stitched into squares so that it won’t all bunch up in the corners or disperse away from the middle. It seems to catch and hold pockets of air as it’s puffed up and feels sumptuous to the touch, and when you lay on it you literally sink into it like a cloud.

I shook the covers and pillows to return them to their regular shape after having being folded for packaging, before putting on the white Egyptian Cotton pillow cases and duvet cover that I bought last week. It took no longer than usual to make the bed, but the results were incredible. My new pillows were so high and plump, and the duvet didn’t just hang over the bed, it almost topped it with a lovely puffy topping that made the bed appear higher up. Closing my eyes and dropping down backwards onto the bed, the pillows and duvet engulfed me and I let out a beautiful sigh of contentment. It was one of those moments when you walk into a showroom and jump onto a perfectly soft mattress fit for a Princess, sit back on a sofa that reclines and vibrates, or step into a jacuzzi whirlpool. It certainly has the wow-factor, the cushioned softness of a luxury bed instead of the everyday harshness of a battered old duvet.

My New Natural Bedding Is Like Sleeping On A Cloud

My New Natural Bedding Is Like Sleeping On A Cloud

And my first night with my new bedding was just beautiful. As I had a memory foam pillow before, I was used to resting my head on a rigid tubular shelf, but the natural pillows sink in and mould around your head. I found it so much more comfortable to bundle them up and pull them into a square, tucking them under my shoulder and neck in a way that I could never have used my memory foam. As a result my pillow fit to me instead of me fitting to suit the pillow. The natural duvet cover was instantly warm and as it’s a 13.5 tog it was perfectly weighted to keep me covered, cosy and feeling safe. Despite the bedroom being fresh with the windows open, the instant I got under the duvet I was as snug as a bug. Normally if I felt hot under my old duvet I would feel sweaty and uncomfortable and kick it off, but the natural filling made it warm and dry instead of warm and clammy.

I slept like a log and woke up the next morning perfectly rested and floating on air. I am so pleased to have found a bedding that works for me and wish that I’d invested in it years ago. As I have a super kingsize bed it doesn’t come cheap, and together with my new Egyptian Cotton covers, duck feather duvet and four pillows I have little change left over from £400.00 but it was worth every penny. Sleep is so important and a good night can make a world of difference to your energy, patience and concentration throughout the day and beyond. So if you’re having difficulty sleeping or find it hard to drift off, I highly recommend changing your bedding to a natural filling, bedtime will never be the same again!

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