Philips Sonicare AirFloss

I have been the queen of flossing for years ever since I discovered the amazing difference that flossing made to the health of my teeth in my teens and seeing as I like to whiten my smile it’s important to remove all plaque build-ups to avoid having yellow edges to the teeth. Brushing alone doesn’t remove the plaque that builds between the teeth, down the sides and under the gum line so I’ve always used string floss for a far more effective clean. Since having my Six Month Smile braces fitted to my teeth I now have permanent wires fixed behind my teeth to prevent them from moving out of alignment which means I can no longer floss and I’m literally going crazy to get clean; so when I spotted the Philips AirFloss I couldn’t wait to get my gums on it.

Philips Sonicate AirFloss

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

The Philips Airfloss is a home interdental cleaning device which claims to reach the places in your mouth that your toothbrush simply can’t with it’s main focus being to remove plaque and improve gum health. It proudly boasts the ability to remove up to five times more plaque than brushing lone and can help to prevent cavities from forming in the spaces between the teeth with gum health improving in just two weeks of use. It can be used with either fresh tap water or your regular mouthwash for an extra fresh clean and takes just thirty seconds to complete each treatment as you simply Fill. Point. Clean!

The pack itself comes with a quick start guide, users manual, the AirFloss device, a detachable nozzle and charger base which requires a shaving adaptor to work in a standard UK plug; luckily I have a spare from my electric toothbrush or I would have been disappointed if I couldn’t have used it right away. It also comes with a 28 day 100% satisfaction guarantee or a full refund and a 2 year warranty once registered. The device itself is super easy to use with very minimal controls; you can buy separate coloured nozzles should you wish to share it with your family, it has an auto-burst option to allow single or continuous spraying, is non-slip with an easily refillable transparent reservoir door and a battery indicator that allows a single charge to last two weeks.

This is my first time using an AirFloss but I often have my dentist squirt air and water into my mouth during checkups and I never understood what it was for until now. I have had my AirFloss on charge for 24hrs for its first charge and the charging light has stopped flashing. I am using mine with regular tap water to begin with to see how it feels before trying a mouthwash as I find some mouthwashes sting my mouth. Filling the reservoir from the tap I pressed the power button to turn it on and clicked the prime button several times to pull the water through as the puffs of air turned to liquid and the device was ready to use. One of the biggest points I can make about using the AirFloss is to close your mouth as the water jets out at quite a pressure and I splattered my bathroom mirror pretty well because of it. I placed the nozzle in the gaps between my teeth along my gum line as instructed and found it quick, easy and comfortable to use as you can click the prime button for a single burst or hold it down for a burst every second as you move around the mouth.

My gums only bled along the sides of my teeth which I know are the areas where I’ve always found most plaque when flossing and the instruction manual states that bleeding is fine as it’s cleaning an area that you may not have previously reached. The AirFloss is designed to be used on the front of the teeth blowing inwards and not from the inside out and all in all it’s a very quick and convenient procedure. My mouth feels fresh, is squeaky clean and looks flawlessly white without the hassle of snapping off floss strings or damaging my gums. A big thumbs gums up for Philips!
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