Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Rhubarb Complex

It’s rather easy and appealing to fill up on everything that’s bad for us, from a few too many glasses of wine, to too much bread and biscuits, chocolate, sweets and fast food. And whilst it may taste good and satisfy our sweet tooth, it leaves our body in a bloated and lethargic mess, which is where a good detox comes in handy for flushing out the digestive system and wiping the slate clean so to speak. I’ve been taking Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Rhubarb Complex and love the results!

Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Rhubarb Complex

Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Rhubarb Complex

Rhubarb Complex is the UK’s number one selling 100% natural bowel formula designed to detoxify the body, maintain good health, rejuvenate the skin and provide more energy through better digestion and proper absorption of food. Working from the inside out, the rhubarb complex maintains a twice daily bowel movement for a course of 28 days to cleanse the digestive system and rid the body of bloating whilst helping to shift excess weight. This is in turn aids in the removal of fungal infections, candidia, worms, parasites, fluid retention, food intolerances and allergies and works wonders for those suffering from IBS.

I wouldn’t dream of plating up a freshly cooked dinner for my family onto dirty old plates covered in dried, old rotting food, yet effectively this is what happens within our digestive system, which is why it’s important to cleanse from the inside out. Unlike slimming pills or laxatives, the gentle natural ingredients of the rhubarb complex are non-addictive and help to tone the digestive system allowing the whole body to function more effectively with increased energy, improving circulation and leaving you feeling less congestion. This in turn has a positive effect in treating many disorders including auto-immune disease, skin complaints and congestion related problems as the toxins and allergens that cause the complaints are removed from the body.

It’s advised you take one capsule daily with dinner until your bowels move 2-3 times in one day, and then you can maintain this for 7-28 days as necessary. The capsules are smooth and easy to swallow with no nasty aftertaste, and they began working for me the following morning after I took them with my dinner and went to bed. Unlike laxatives I didn’t feel the need to rush to the toilet with cramps or the imminent threat of explosions, but when trying to go it took a lot less effort than normal and I felt properly empty for the first time instead of being still bloated after half an hour of pushing and waiting for more to come. I can’t help but want to touch my stomach now as it’s like I’ve been shrink wrapped and I feel so much fresher and more energetic for dumping my unwanted baggage, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Priced at just £23.95 for 60 capsules from Plantify there is currently 20% off, and a wonderful way to detox the body whilst taking care of your purse.
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