PMD Personal Microderm

I have a love/hate relationship with my face. I would love to look naturally fresh and healthy but my skin hates me. I have a combination of dry to oily skin with rosacea, which leaves my cheeks burning hot and tender causing my makeup to crack and separate whilst my nose becomes very oily and shines like a lighthouse by the afternoon. I also have a hormone imbalance that results in me breaking out in spots around my chin area with every menstrual cycle. Oh and I also have premature sun damage from over using sunbeds in my teens which has resulted in constant resting lines across my forehead. Joy!

PMD Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm

The PMD Personal Microderm is said to promote cell renewal and rejuvenation in a powerful and convenient treatment that can be performed in the comfort of your own home with immediate results. Professional Microdermabrasion has been around for decades and has been clinically proven to create younger and more vibrant glowing skin. And the PMD handset uses the same aluminium oxide crystals embedded into its disc as the expensive machines that a dermatologist would use. Dry skin, a dull complexion, excess oiliness, discoloration, sagging or wrinkled skin can affect every aspect of your life and hold you back in life whilst denting your confidence, seeking ongoing treatment can be expensive and inconvenient to time and travel restraints, which is why a professional microdermabrasion treatment from home is not only incredibly convenient and manageable, but it can uncover younger, more beautiful skin and restore your confidence in natural beauty.

I guess the closest I have come to home microdermabrasion is using exfoliating facial wipes and scrubs, you know those fluffy mousses and creams with rough little balls that you rub into your face to scratch away dead skin? And in a comparison to brushing your teeth, the PMD would possibly be the equivalent of using a super-sonic oscillating toothbrush compared to a rubbery toddlers my-first-toothbrush. There is no doubt about it, an electrical device is light-years ahead for coverage and results versus a mere circular rubbing motion with the humble hand. To start the treatment you must first cleanse the skin thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease and makeup, patting the face dry with a towel after and waiting a few minutes for the moisture to disappear as the surface must be entirely clean and dry before using the PMD.

In the PMD box there is the PMD Personal Microderm, 7 exfoliating discs -2 green, 4blue, 1 white training disc- 1 electrical cord with interchangeable plugs, 2 caps – 1 large and 1 small, 1 reusable filter, an instruction DVD and an instruction pamphlet. I watched the 9min DVD prior to assembling my handset to learn how to assemble and use the device correctly and it’s surprisingly quick and easy. To set up the handset there are a choice of plugs for different sockets across the world, the plug came with the shaver point attached which I easily switched for the UK 3 point plug. The power cord then clips into the handset and twists a quarter turn to lock it into place. A white disc is already set up in the handset as this is a training disc, the most delicate in texture and essential for everyone to begin with in order to understand how best to use the device for your individual skin type. There are three other colours available, each progressing in coarseness from green to blue and finally red.

As I have sensitive skin the ultra-sensitive white disc is highly desirable for me to see how my face will react and respond first, as the handset creates a suction on the skin, allowing the disc which sits slightly below the surface to quickly rotate and buff away the top layer of your skin, taking away dead cells and stimulating the bodys’ response to repair itself. The handset must never be held in one position, as you want to aim to keep it moving at all times, gliding upwards across the face in straight lines and avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes within the socket area. With your free hand you can pull the skin tight to help the handset to glide more easily without sucking and getting stuck, and you should never go over one area more than twice in any one treatment.

The handset switches on with the sliding on/off switch and has no other buttons or speeds, so nothing to go wrong of faff about with. It makes a buzzing sound as the disc rotates, and the first time I put it against my face it immediately sucked onto my skin and made me jump and pull it away. Much like a fish sucking on your skin, the suction is strong enough to lift the skin upwards without becoming trapped or broken. The microdermabrasion disc is obviously textured and designed to buff away the top later of skin which creates a lightly scratching sensation, like a kitten licking your face very very quickly. It doesn’t hurt at all, but you’re aware that you’re grazing your face, much as you would exfoliate with a rough sponge before tanning. It is recommended that you test the disc on your arm or neck first to understand the motion and movement needed and see how your skin will react and what to expect. When I returned the handset to my face again this time I didn’t jump as I knew what was coming, and as soon as the suction took hold I moved the disc from my chin up along my jawline in a gliding motion.

As I already mentioned my premenstrual chin breakout, sundamage to my forehead and oily nose these are the zones that I am most keen to target, as I do not suffer rosacea in these areas so microdermabrasion will not irritate and aggravate my skin sensitive skin condition. It took me just a few minutes to work my way along my chin and jawline, nose and forehead in straight sweeping lines, going over each area twice. Immediately my skin felt light and tingly where it had been buffed, tender but not painful, and slightly reddened where I had pressed a little hard in some areas. There is a skill to gliding it over the skin and not pushing or using force as the handset does the work for you, when I first started I was a little heavy handed, but as I got into it I adjusted to moving quickly and lightly as soon as the suction took hold. If at any time you feel pain it is advised that you stop using the device.

Immediately after my treatment I applied a toner and intensive moisturiser containing SPF20 across my face to protect and heal my skin. And when I looked into the handset it was fascinating to see that tiny white flakes of skin had gathered like glitter in the clear cap, clearly the dead cells that had been exfoliated from my face. To clean the handset you simply have to unscrew the clear cap, remove the pop-off disc and foam pad and rinse with warm soapy water. It really is that simple. As the skin has to heal the PMD can be used once every 7 days, with larger discs and caps available for areas such as knees and elbows. Each disc can be used between 2-4 times depending on the size of the area covered, and replacement discs can be purchased online in varying sizes and strengths.

I am incredibly impressed by the results of the PMD as my chin already looks so much clearer with my spots almost gone completely within 24hrs following my first treatment. My nose isn’t as oily as it was, as the dead skin has been removed my toner can work more effectively to close the pores and prevent the build up of grease. The PMD helps to boost your skincare regime by taking away the dead and dry skin and allow the products to penetrate the skin and work more effectively.

The PMD Personal Microderm costs £150.00 and can be purchased online here!
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