Purition Raw Vegan Hemp Protein Shake

Fitness is certainly big business and given the choice I always try to sway towards healthier food options to look and feel good about myself as after I’ve had junk food the guilt quickly creeps in. But just because products are labelled as healthy doesn’t always mean that they’re truly good for us as they can be silently loaded with stabilisers, gums, emulsifiers, sweeteners, flavourings and colourants which is why I love the naturally honest foods at Purition!

Puritan Raw Vegan Hemp Protein Shake

Purition Raw Vegan Hemp Protein Shake

These shakes can be used in a number of ways from helping muscles to recover after exercise to having more energy, toning up and achieving personal fitness goals. Perfect for a 250kcal fasting meal or for managing IBS, diabetes and gluten intolerances they’re a health conscious and convenient way to replace a less nutritious meal such as breakfast. unlike most shakes the Purition real food mixes aren’t a commercial protein powder, they’re made up of whole foods and are a nutritionally balanced meal in a glass that will keep you content for 4-5hrs. Being high in protein, high in fibre, gluten free, low GI, portion controlled and containing no junk at all you simply add a sachet to milk or stir into yogurt for an instant breakfast or lunch. there’s no need to nip to the shop for multiple ingredients or waste time cooking and weighing as each shake is ready to drink in just a few seconds.

Being vegan I have mixed a Raw Vegan Hemp shake into a glass of oat milk and it is absolutely out of this world! The shake is so smooth and creamy with little nutty chunks, green flakes and seeds throughout and it very much puts me in mind of those roasted peas that you get in savoury bombay mix. It creates the most thick and delicious shake I have ever tasted and isn’t sickly, sticky or sweet like some shakes that taste more like a dessert. Also available in Macadamia and vanilla, almond, pistachio, coconut, chocolate and strawberry versions each sachet is packed with seeds and nuts. A single sachet provides between 18-20g of natural protein to nourish muscles, more fibre than four slices of wholemeal bread to help the body to cleanse as well as quenching the appetite and fuelling the mind. Along with natural fats, vitamins and minerals it’s no wonder why athletes and nutritionalists speak so highly of this brand; I’ve only recently discovered Purition and I’m already planning my next order!

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