Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads

Having recently celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday I’ve come to realise that the plump, bouncy fresh skin of my teens has gradually evolved into a dry, sometimes cracked and crocodile-textured covering. My skin becomes easily dehydrated from adverse weather conditions, alcohol, daily makeup and the use of sunbeds in the past; which has left my skin feeling rather matte, coarse and my pores easily block. It’s about time that I started looking after my skin properly in order to prevent the clock from ticking too fast! And what better way to start than from the ground up, a quality exfoliator.

Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads

Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads

Researching Radical Skincare online I came across the background of a Professor of Plastic Surgery’s two daughters, Liz and Rachel from America who built up their experience at a university burns unit, focusing upon skin rejuvenation and wound repair. After working in the skincare industry for fifteen years in Los Angeles and having had two children, the sisters used their well-informed contacts within science to develop a powerful anti-ageing solution entirely for their own use and regardless of cost. After using the solution for some weeks the sisters soon realised that they had stumbled upon something special and decided to make these products available to all. Thus Radical Skincare was founded. To date, in just three years the sisters products are now stocked in over eight hundred stores across fifteen countries. The products sell through word of mouth and the pure quality of the ingredients used and results achieved instead of wasting funds on advertising campaigns and celebrity spokespeople. Their honest company ethos is incredibly rare and inspiring.

Radial Skincare say of their Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads: “Removing dull, dead skin becomes your first anti-aging gesture: its AHA and BHA-multifruit acid based pads, exfoliate, promote cell turnover, and accelerate Radical Skincare products performance.”

The plentiful benefits of using the pads include reducing coarse crow’s feet by 50% in just two weeks, removing dull, dead skin to promote cell turnover and absorbing anti-aging ingredients to accelerate results; the pads help to reduce pore size and even out skin tone, while in turn significantly improving skin firmness, texture and elasticity. There are also some pretty impressive high-perfomance active ingredients including malus domestica, osilift, alpha hydroxy acids and witch hazel which you’d be hard pushed to find in everyday skincare products. This is sounding rather special.

For best results it’s advised that one pre-moistened, single- use pad is used over the face, neck and décolleté after cleansing at night. And there are a range of complimenting serums, moisturisers, gel and creme’s also available to follow on the process to suit your needs and achieve the best anti-ageing results.

Opening the high gloss beautiful presentation box I lifted out a modern, minimal and stylish silver container with sparkling silver detail and cleverly floating text. The product simply oozes modern luxury and quality, as it’s clear to see that every effort has been made and the attention to detail is exquisite.

Unscrewing the airtight lid I was pleasantly greeted by a stack of poker-straight, beautifully moist, refreshingly perfumed and delicately textured exfoliating pads. They are each individually succulent with ingredients and sit effortlessly in the gleaming white container without excess grease, oil or product separation. So far this is ticking all of the boxes for me. But how will they fare on my skin?

I have a combination skin type that is primarily dry around my face and oily towards my nose, and I suffer from breakouts of spots during my menstrual cycle. My current cleansing routine involves removing my makeup with a makeup wipe and rinsing my face with warm water in the shower. After removing my makeup in my usual way I used a single exfoliating pad across my face which has a lightly bobbled surface like that of bubble wrap. Through past experiences of experimenting with exfoliating creams I was expecting sharp beads and a scratching sensation but this was anything but that.

The pads glided effortlessly across my face without irritation or sensitivity, I almost wouldn’t have believed that these were exfoliators at all if it wasn’t for the texture of my skin left behind; the pad has left my skin feeling absolutely incredible. The hard, dry and dead layer of skin is gone, instead replaced with a super soft and naturally vibrant face. My skin is no longer oily or tired but invigorated, refreshed and I feel pleasantly alert. For once I can feel my skin at its natural texture, it’s neither dry nor wet, tacky nor greasy, tender nor caked; it’s just skin, clean, fresh and as soft as the surface of a peach.

The exfoliating pads have left my skin feeling incredible, they have exceeded my expectations and highlighted the benefits of putting in place a good quality skincare regime both now and for the future. At £45.00 for sixty pads they will last a couple of months and have well earned their price tag. This is a beauty must-have that I’m ecstatic to have stumbled upon!

For more information, a full product list and to purchase from the online store, you can visit Radical Skincare’s website here.

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