Rhinoshield Impact Protection

Since upgrading to the iPhone5 I have never been so nervous for the wellbeing of my mobile phone, as on a daily basis I come across at least one person brandishing a spider web-like cracked screen, unwilling to part with their insurance excess or send their phone away for days on end to be repaired. It seems that people stubbornly choose to front it out and live with the inconvenience of sharp glass, numb screens and poor visibility until their next upgrade from a 24 month contract. I do not want to be one of these people. I cannot live without a fully functioning phone, and I equally love my pennies and wish to keep them all for myself instead of sending them to extortionate repair companies. I have already dropped my phone several times this year and on each occasion my heart was in my throat when I reached down to pick it up, praying to the mobile gods that no damage would be done. Fortunately I have been very lucky up until now, but you never know what lurks around the corner.

Rhinoshield Impact Protection

Rhinoshield Impact Protection

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Rhinoshield Impact Protection screen cover, which is shatterproof with perfect optical clarity. I have the Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S version to fit my phone, and what really drew me in were the six layers of protection for my iPhone screen. The first layer is easy clean anti-fingerprint, the second scratch resistant, the third for impact dispersion, fourth impact dampening, the fifth for high strength and the sixth a zero-residue adhesive to hold it in place. The screen protector boasts an impressive five times more impact energy absorbency than normal screen protectors, whilst being as thin as just three sheets of paper. Oh, and from the packaging it states that it was developed in our very own Cambridge.

Splitting open the tear off tag from the bold yellow crash-test dummy inspired envelope, a smooth matte black insert houses the screen protector, microfiber cloth, a dust removal sticker and squeegee together with concise four-step application instructions and diagrams. It was incredibly simple to fit the screen protector and only took a minute. With clean hands I wiped my mobile screen with the microfiber cloth, before peeling off the dust removal sticker and dabbing it across the screen to remove any residual dust. I then peeled the back layer off of the screen protector, lining it up over the speaker and menu button, and sweeping the squeegee across the screen to chase away any air bubbles. Finally I peeled off the front protective layer and my phone is now completely protected.

On the back of the info card there are some handy techy stats, stating that the impact resistance and shock-dampening layers are at least five times stronger than Gorilla Glass, an Oleophobic coating is to praise for the easy removal of fingerprints whilst still being smooth to the touch, and the Rhinoshield provides best protection when your phone lands face down, which happens to me each and every time that I drop mine, and oddly the same goes for my toast in the morning too. The Rhinoshield was designed by Evolutive Labs with a strong material science and engineering background together with support and testing from the Kickstarter community and the quality of the product, packaging and information is clear to see. Now I no longer have to play Russian roulette with my phone’s health if and when I drop it, which is not only reassuring to know, but also incredibly convenient as the more immaculate my phone stays the more it sells for when I’m due my next upgrade!

For more information, to purchase the Rhinoshield or to contact Evolutive Labs you can visit their website here!

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