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Today I came to Westfield shopping centre in White City, London for a spot of retail therapy and the Rigby & Peller store caught my eye. The beautiful glass fronted building situated inside the grand mall proudly displayed a small collection of beautiful lingerie and swimwear for which I came inside to have a browse. After having four breast surgeries since the age of eighteen, I have struggled to find lingerie that is comfortable, supportive and attractive for my 30FF bust. I see so many pretty girly bras that I love, which never seem to be stocked in my unnatural size, and the ones that are available have such huge cups and thick wide straps that show awkwardly under clothes with their chunky hem lines and look absolutely hideous, clearly being more practical rather than aesthetically pleasing. I therefore often tend to find underwear online, which is never the same when you try it on as it looks in a picture and it doesn’t always fit as I thought it would as sizes differ between brands. Upon entering the Rigby & Peller store I was greeted by a friendly female member of staff called Debbie who I asked immediately if they stocked my size so as not to waste time.

My Lingerie Review Of Rigby & Peller Prima Donna Aurora

My New Lingerie By Rigby & Peller Prima Donna Collection

I was advised that a 30F or 30G were available across varying styles and ranges for which I would be fitted to ensure that I had the correct size, hallelujah! I either seem to battle with my nipples popping out over the top of my cup, the shoulder straps slipping down, the back band of my bra rising up or having a lack of support allowing my breasts to bounce uncomfortably when I walk. Debbie led me through a curtained area behind the till and I followed her into a beautiful treasure trove of sparkling lights, immaculate white walls, luxurious robed dressing cubicles and an entire wall of white drawers each with a tiny label designated to a specific bra size.

Debbie rolled open the 30F drawer and began selecting exquisite pieces for me to look at. I explained that I had several natural coloured bras at home that were practical and boring to wear under tops and jumpers, with huge cups and plain detail, but what I really wanted was something pretty, delicate and feminine. Debbie invited me to choose whichever pieces I liked and to try them all on, but as I looked through the drawers nothing really stood out or caught my eye. I wanted something that would make me say wow, and although they all looked pretty, I had similar ill-fitting bras at home already. Debbie advised that to see the true shape and feel of a bra you have to see it on in the mirror, but as nothing had really caught my eye enough to add to my collection, I asked for a catalogue and decided to look through the entire collection later on at home when I’d have more time.

Debbie happily closed up the drawers and handed me a glossy booklet of all of the lingerie available and on the very first page that I opened, a stunning set instantly caught my eye. The cut, shape and colour was just so pretty and feminine in a soft strawberry pink with an accent of bright orange, and within seconds of seeing it on the model I asked Debbie if she had it in stock. She smiled and told me that I’d already seen it in the drawer but hadn’t noticed it. After she retrieved the bra in a 30F she led me to a changing cubicle and waited outside whilst I tried it on. Pulling back the curtain she came into the cubicle to adjust the straps and check the fit of my bust and cups. As my size is a 30FF only a 30F or 30G were available, so after conferring with her colleague they both agreed that the 30F was my exact fit. It was amazing how a bra can look so different once you put it on, you can see the shape and fit, the contrast between lace and skintone and the way that it holds and shapes the bust that you would never get from viewing it on a hanger. I just had to have it! I then tried on a choice of matching bottoms to go with the bra and settled on a pretty g-string in a size UKS small.

Debbie waited outside as I got dressed before walking me back to the store front and taking my new lingerie to the till. She explained that for hygiene reasons once I leave the store with my g-string I would not be able to return it should I change my mind, but if I wanted to change it I could do so before leaving. I was incredibly happy with both the bra and g-string and continued with my purchase. Debbie also asked if I would like to log my details in a database so that I could be kept on file and when I return they would know the date and sizes of my purchase history which I was happy to do.

The Aurora Prima Donna underwired balcony bra in a 30F strawberry pink cost £96.95, and the g-string £36.95, totalling £133.90 for the set. Debbie wrapped my lingerie beautifully and placed it into a pretty black bag with silk handles and welcomed me to return should I have any questions or need further assistance. She was incredibly helpful, kind and welcoming and I didn’t feel awkward or uneasy at all talking to her about my needs, nor getting undressed for my fitting. My new lingerie is just beautiful, it fits me like a glove, is delicate, feminine and so supportive and now my breasts are no longer an inconvenience. The price tag truly matches the quality and detail put into such pieces and in future I will never buy underwear online again.

If you’ve shopped at Rigby & Peller please feel free to comment below on your experience, which pieces do you have and what would you recommend? For more information, a list of stores and full product range you can visit Rigby & Peller here.

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