Rise Organic Cacao Cocoa Powder

Since turning vegan earlier this year after 24yrs as a vegetarian I sadly said goodbye to chocolate and welcomed the health conscious alternatives in the form of rice milk chocolate instead which surprisingly tastes far nicer and is considerably kinder on the waistline. So when I discovered this new superfood that contains more antioxidants then red wine and up to three times more than green tea then I just had to see what the Cacao Powder from Rise Organic is all about!

Rise Organic Cacao Cocoa Powder

Rise Organic Cacao Cocoa Powder

Cacao beans are the basic ingredient in chocolate and actually contain over three hundred health promoting compounds including theobromine, phenylethylamine and various polyphenols. They are 100% pure and organic certified by the Soil Association as well as registered by the Vegan society making it perfect for cooking, baking, smoothies, hot chocolate and healthy shakes too. Organically grown in Peru on the Theobroma Cacao tree, the beans are harvested by hand as pods before being fermented to reduce their initial bitterness. After they are dried they are cleansed in natural water and then peeled with the core extracted to be broken down into nibs, these nibs are ground into Cacao paste for which the natural fat is extracted, dried and ground finely into Cacao powder.

Rise Organics Cacao Powder has many approved health benefits and micronutrients which contribute to nervous system support, the process of cell division and specialisation, normal muscle function, normal cognitive function, protein synthesis, energy-yielding metabolism, normal psychological function, the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, maintenance of bones and teeth and oxygen transport in the body. Despite being ridiculously good for you the Cacao powder doesn’t compromise on taste and makes gloriously smooth rich chocolate milk for which I have used oat milk for my vegan friendly treat and if you have a particularly sweet tooth you can add a squeeze of honey too; fabulous family friendly nutrition that every diet can enjoy.

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