Run Baby Waterproof Running Belt

One thing that I can’t stand when working out is my phone and keys jangling in my pockets threatening to pull down my jogging bottoms and expose an early full-moon. Wearing a gym bag when running is not only uncomfortable as it bounces around on my shoulders but it also throws my momentum and in weather where a zip-up hoodie or sports jacket would melt me I much prefer to wear shorts and a sports bra to keep cool but have nowhere to put my belongings. Running with an iPhone in my hand has never ended well, nor will it ever, so thank goodness for the Run Baby Waterproof Running Belt!

Run Baby Waterproof Running Belt

Run Baby Waterproof Running Belt

Designed by Run Baby who specialise in running accessories for athletes, this gorgeous hot pink running belt is becoming a global sensation and it’s clear to see why. Not only is it fashion-fitness at its finest but it’s also incredibly functional too; thanks to it’s polyester and lycra snug fit that doesn’t bounce, slip, twist or roll about it sits comfortably on the body and can easily tuck under a t-shirt without pinching or indenting the skin – hoorah! There’s nothing worse than something digging into my stomach when I’m getting my sweat on as I believe all distractions should be left at the start line until I’ve reached my goal.

It’s not only great for runners but also a safe and secure way to carry your gym card, supplements and locker keys when out and about exploring or as a busy single mum who doesn’t want the faff of lugging a handbag about when I have little hands to hold on trips out with my two children. Being sweat proof, rainproof and waterproof I’m happy to tuck my iPhone6 inside and keep my valuables close to me along with my cash, cards and lipgloss together thanks to it’s clingy construction to hold everything in place and prevent it from jangling. The Run Baby Running Belt is also fully adjustable, lightweight and bright for daytime wear and reflective at night to keep you safe and seen; I’ll take one in every colour of the rainbow please to match my workout wardrobe!
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