Seams Luxury Hand & Nail Cream

I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with my hands as when they’re dry and neglected they look so frightfully old and wrinkly, yet when I wear jewellery and keep them moisturised they suddenly have a new lease of life and look beautiful. Hand and nail care was something I never concerned myself with in my youth but as I creep ever closer to thirty I’ve come to realise just how important it is, which is why this luxury hand and nail cream from Seams is my beauty bag must have!

Seams Luxury Hand & Nail Cream

Seams Luxury Hand & Nail Cream

This hand and nail cream is an all in one beauty bonanza favoured by fashion designers, seamstresses, makeup artists and crafters alike who all work closely with their hands and can’t afford to have dry, chapped or sore skin. Focused on mending, moisturising, softening and protecting the hand and nails without grease or clamminess this luxury anti-bacterial cream boasts a whole host of natural ingredients such as shea butter, macadamia oil, garden cress, keratin, glycerin and vitamin E and B5. Not only is the cream beautifully smooth, soft and quenching on dry skin but it also helps to fade age spots, strengthen nails, heal and enrich the skin and its positive effects can be seen instantly as well as improving with continual use.

This anti-ageing cream is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and can be used daily to strengthen nails and condition the cuticles as well as providing a natural balance to the skin whilst being entirely paraben free. With it’s beautifully mild floral fragrance my skin literally drinks it up and is left smooth and shimmery, looking instantly more youthful and my natural unpainted nails glossy and bright. I hate touching things with greasy fingers, smearing up phone screens or dirtying my hair so the fact that the cream absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave behind a tacky residue is paramount for me. My hands feel delightful and the Seams hand cream tube is the perfect size for my handbag; if something is worth doing then it’s worth doing properly.
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