Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Review At The Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic

I had my eyebrows cosmetically tattoo’d using semi-permanent pigmentation one month ago at the Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic in Stoke Mandevillie and absolutely love them; so much so that I have now booked in to have eyeliner tattoo’d onto my upper eyelids.

I'm Having My Upper Eyeliner Tattoo'd To Give My Eyes Definition

I’m Having My Upper Eyeliner Tattoo’d To Give My Eyes Definition

Caron Vetter is an absolute perfectionist and I’m confident that she will make my eyes look amazing. Here is her write-up from the Whitethorn Fields website:

Caron Vetter MBA Bt & C

‘Caron is a Director of Whitethorn Fields MediClinic. Caron is one of the leaders in medical micropigmentation in the UK. She is professionally trained and has more than 20 years experience carrying out procedures in support of surgeons, both private and within the NHS. Having successfully completed Paramedical Tattoo training in the USA, Caron became one of the first specialists in the UK to provide areola restoration to patients undergoing breast reconstruction following breast cancer. This practice Caron has extended to include the creation of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.’

I decided to have eyeliner tattoo’d only on the upper lids for two reasons; firstly my eyelashes are quite fine and lack definition and I don’t like wearing mascara because it always seems to clump and smudge across my eyelids and below my eyes as the day goes on, and secondly because I apply liquid eyeliner every day and can never seem to get it straight or even. I would love to wake up in the morning to perfectly defined eyes without having to fumble through a makeup bag in a dimly lit bathroom mirror failing at several attempts to balance out the contour of my lids with my liquid liner whilst getting more in my eye than actually on my skin. It is a great inconvenience to apply definitive makeup throughout the day every day without the added chaos of my eyes watering, being out in the rain, exercising or swimming, and as this is a way to ensure my makeup stays subtle yet perfect no matter what then it is something I welcome with open arms.

I don’t agree with permanent over the top show makeup on a daily basis, I’m not trying to make myself look like a clown or a drag queen, but just highlight and add a touch of subtle definition to my eyes in order to avoid wearing as much makeup as I currently do. And in a years time should I want to change my style of makeup, I won’t have to worry about being stuck with a thick and dramatic look because having it applied subtly means that I can add to it myself when I want to dress up, or leave it as it is for a natural daytime look. All in all it will save my skin from applying eyeliner and mascara and save me time in the morning when putting on my face so to speak.

I have booked in for my treatment for one weeks time and cannot wait to see the results. I have to admit I’m a little nervous at the thought of having needles tattooing my eyelids but if it’s anything like having eyebrow’s tattoo’d then I’m sure I’ll be just fine. I can’t quite imagine how I’ll manage to keep my eyelids still for the process, but it will be interesting to find out. I’m really looking forward to having my treatment and will keep you all posted on how I get on.

UPDATE: 16/04/13 The First Treatment

At 5pm today I attended Whitethorns for the first of my two eyeliner tattoo treatments which are four weeks apart. I was greeted kindly at reception before being collected by Caron and walked across to the treatment room. All afternoon I had tortured myself with images of me wincing or moving my eyelids and making it impossible to create a straight line; I even questioned whether after having the first eye done if I would have the courage to do the second eye or end up running out half way through. Again it was the fear of the unknown that had made me so nervous and unfortunately it’s not until the treatment begins that you can truly know what it will feel like.

I laid on the bed with my hands clenched and swallowed hard as Caron talked me through the procedure. First an anaesthetic was applied to each of my eyes for five minutes to numb the skin as I laid with my eyes closed and gradually regained my nerves. I could hear pots being opened beside me and rubber gloves being snapped, and I distracted myself by focusing on the soothing classical music that played enchantingly into the room.

The needle began to hum and I felt cool gloved fingers softly positioning across my eye, I took a deep breath in anticipation of the pain as my heart beat a million miles an hour and I waited painstakingly to jump or scream with contact, but it never came. I wouldn’t even call it discomfort, the needle certainly didn’t feel like a needle at all. The closest thing I can compare it to is when you have acrylic nail extensions which feel rather plastic and rounded and you try to scratch an itch, but rather than them digging into and scratching the skin to alleviate the tingling, they kind of skim across it instead and annoyingly it doesn’t even touch it. Well that’s how the needle on my eyelid felt. It kind of glided across my skin and didn’t scratch or pull at all so it was extremely easy to lay still and not wince or pull my face away.

Having The First Treatment Of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

Having The First Treatment Of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

Caron talked me through each step of the process to keep me informed of what she was doing at each stage and it put me at ease to know what was happening next. I’ve always had twitchy eyes and I blink a million times a day, squint in bright light, they water when I apply eyeliner and if anything comes near them I seem to automatically clamp them shut tight, but having them tattoo’d which I’d convinced myself would be almost impossible for me, I was shocked to see how stress free the process was.

I Chose To Have Only The Upper Lids Tattoo'd In Black

I Chose To Have Only The Upper Lids Tattoo’d In Black

After cleaning away the excess pigmentation, applying a second layer of tattoo and checking the contouring the one hour appointment came to a close. It certainly wasn’t the torture that I was expecting, and my no-pain no-gain tried and tested theory was well and truly out of the window on this occasion as it was more a case of no-pain amazing-gain. But if somebody would have told me beforehand that it wouldn’t hurt I would have laughed myself over and said never in a million years! It just goes to show the wonders of todays cosmetic treatments, the quality of the anaesthetics used and the highly-skilled professionals carrying out the procedure knowing how to administer it correctly. And there is nobody more highly skilled than Caron, where patients come from all over the UK to have treatments in testament of her exceptional skills.

Seeing For The First Time How Bright It Made My Eyes Was Amazing

Seeing For The First Time How Bright It Made My Eyes Was Amazing

Looking into the mirror after the procedure was over I was absolutely dumbfounded. I have worked with makeup artists in the past and they have never made my eyes look so amazing, even doing my own makeup I can never seem to get the liner between my eyelashes. But what Caron has created is absolutely flawless, I can’t stop looking at my eyes and saying wow! It has given my face an entirely different look, my eyes don’t look slapped on or too heavy, they don’t look patchy or uneven anymore. They look as though I’ve been airbrushed, only after I sleep all night tonight they won’t be all over my pillow by the morning.

I actually get to wake up with perfect eyes every morning and go to bed with them every evening from now on. No smudging, no fear of tears or rain, sweat or sunlight. Just beautifully sculpted, immaculately defined eyes that wouldn’t look out of place on the front cover of a glossy magazine. I am so over the moon right now with my treatment that I’m in real danger of orbiting pluto.

I’ve been given the aftercare details of keeping my eyes dry and clean for the next 48hrs when I can then apply vaseline to help them to scab and heal. And it’s much the same as when I had my eyebrows tattoo’d really; the first treatment will make the colour appear darker than it is, it will scab over the next week whilst healing before dropping off and the colour will lighten. In four weeks time I will have my second treatment where more colour is added and the colour adjusted to the shade that I would like, the thickness of the eyeliner can be increased and I can decide to have a flick, curl or blunt edges to each eye. At the moment they’re a little pink around the length of my eyelids which is normal with any tattoo that you have, and they felt slightly tender when I sneezed and squeezed my eyes shut unexpectedly a moment ago. Otherwise my eyes feel fine, there’s no pain or discomfort and I’m shocked at how easy the whole process was.

My Eyes Immediately After Having My Eyeliner Tattoo'd

My Eyes Immediately After Having My Eyeliner Tattoo’d

I cannot clap and jump around my lounge enough for how fantastic I feel right now. Having stunning makeup makes such a difference to your confidence and ability to function each day, I literally don’t even have to touch my face at all from waking up in the morning to rushing out of the front door. And there’s no need to feel embarrassed or dowdy when the doorbell rings and I haven’t put any makeup on, because this will stay classically beautiful no matter the time of day or occasion.

UPDATE:22/05/13 – My Second Treatment

Today is just over a month since I had my first treatment and I went back to Caron at Whitethorn’s for my second appointment to add another layer of black pigment to my upper eyelids and thicken and extend my liner. I’d been so excited today because I knew exactly what to expect and I wasn’t nervous at all as my eyes have healed perfectly since first having them done.

Walking into the clinic reception I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and couldn’t stop myself from grinning with enthusiasm before being led to the immaculate treatment room with Caron. It was a great escape from my hectic day to lay on the table and listen to the soothing music with my eyes numbed and closed whilst the tattooing commenced. It must sound impossible but after having my first pigment applied last month my eyes hardly felt the second tattooing and I could easily have drifted off to sleep. The whole experience was so pleasant and calming I hardly noticed the forty-five minutes slip away and before I knew it my eyes were open and I glanced into the mirror handed to me to see my stunning semi-permanent-eyeliner complete.

Me After Having My Eyebrows And Eyeliner Semi-Permanently Tattoo'd By Caron Vetter

Me After Having My Eyebrows And Eyeliner Semi-Permanently Tattoo’d By Caron Vetter

It’s exactly what I wanted and more and I’m over the moon with the results. The beauty of having had my eyeliner tattoo’d is that is stays perfect all day everyday without fault or need to reapply. I could never in a million years have got it so straight and even myself no matter how hard I try, and having applied my makeup daily for the past ten years now you’d have thought I’d have been a professional at painting myself but I’m clearly not. Cosmetic tattooing, if done professionally by the right people, has most definitely been the answer to my imperfections and I can personally recommend Caron for the amazing work that she does. I’ve seen so many horror stories on television and in the press about women having semi-permanent makeup and being left looking like drag queens or trouts, and when I search online there are small pop-up beauty therapists offering cheap deals on multiple procedures to lure in the public with little or no experience at all and it’s shocking. Caron is an expert in her field and has earned her reputation quite rightly because of the results that she achieves for her patients. Your face is the first thing people see and I wouldn’t trust anyone but Caron to carry out my cosmetic procedures. It goes to show that you get what you pay for and if you cut corners you have to live with the consequences so always go professional and always do your research, and if you don’t have the money or you’re out for a cheap deal then don’t get it done! Take your time, save up and visit a professional.

My Eyes Before And After Having My Eyeliner Cosmetically Tattooed

My Eyes Before And After Having My Eyeliner Cosmetically Tattooed

My eyeliner will now remain perfect for the next eighteen months when I can have it topped up with a single treatment if I require, and that’s it! Off I go, back into my busy day and hectic schedules knowing that my face will remain effortlessly flawless. You can see my transformation in my delightful video below where I turn from an unkept mummy to a glowing vision of youth (with the help of my cosmetic tattooing) in the space of just four weeks! Bliss.

As you can see, I like to share the fun and amazing things that I do with the world. Not only does it inform others of what’s available in the local area and nationwide, but it also helps to support and strengthen local business. I love reading online reviews and checking out things before I buy them so I hope that you find mine helpful. If you would like me to do a review on a product, service, experience or day out for your business I would be happy to help free of charge simply contact me here!

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