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Growing up I was always playing outdoors, I hardly ever got ill and my mother always had all of the doors and windows open even on freezing cold days. I had such a great tolerance for nature and the elements and was always fighting fit; yet as a parent to my two young children it’s all too easy to be overprotective, keeping the children inside on cold days, cranking up the heating and unconsciously creating the perfect breeding ground for germs. Children have so many allergies and ailments these days that when one of us gets ill they usually take the whole family down in a matter of days and it lasts for weeks on end. So I started taking SimplySupplements Immunoboost the second that I began sneezing and my nose and eyes watering.

SimplySupplements Immunoboost

SimplySupplements Immunoboost

Typically I keep my medicine cabinet stocked with Lemsip cold and flu drinks, throat lozenges and pain killers ready for the dreaded germs to strike, mountain of snotty tissues and sore throats and headaches. The only thing I dislike about cold and flu drinks is the disgusting powder at the bottom of the cup and how they’re always sickly sweet or over sour in a bid to mask the strong paracetamol taste. But trying to treat a cold that is already established in your body is a far harder battle than maintaining a healthy immune system so that you don’t get ill in the first place. The ImmunoBoost with black garlic, vitamin C and zinc helps to support the immune system and promote normal cholesterol levels.

The tablets help to defend the body against oxidative stress and reduce its susceptibility to colds and flu. Black, or aged garlic offers additional immune support as well as cardiovascular benefits particularly in relation to blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The black garlic is created through a special ageing process in the UK where the fresh garlic bulbs develop an even higher nutritional value, leading to the garlic losing its undesirable taste and smell whilst still retaining S-allylcysteine which is the active compound within garlic.

The tablets are vegetarian friendly and come sealed in a blister pack of 60 for which you can take 1-2 tablets each day as required. The tablets are smooth and non-powdery without a shell or capsule, exposing ground up speckles throughout and I find them very easy to swallow with a glass of water. They don’t smell of anything and leave no aftertaste, certainly the opposite reaction of regular garlic which leaves me killing vampires with it lingering on my breath all day after I’ve eaten it! If I didn’t know that the tablets contained garlic I never would have guessed as there is no smell or taste at all.

Within half an hour of taking my first tablet I stopped sneezing and my nose no longer ran. I feel as though the symptoms that were building and making me rush for the medicine cabinet have completely cleared and my wellbeing has remained throughout the day without having to rush back for another sachet of drink or tablet every 3-4hrs to numb the discomfort. As it stands I have only needed to take one tablet today to fend off my cold entirely, however if I’d have waited any longer and my symptoms had developed further then I would have considered taking two tablets, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It goes to show the difference between a formulated health supplement versus the supermarket sugar-filled equivalent in cold and flu remedies. It’s far better for your health to build a strong immune system to fight off illness rather than trying to numb the pain with sugary drinks and sweets when you’re already ill. Thanks to SimplySupplements Immunoboost I can replace my entire medicine cabinet of cold and flu lotions and potions with a single box of supplements.
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