Snapfish Digital Photo Printing

There is something incredibly heartfelt and warming about receiving a personalised gift, and equally special memories, prints and pictures are what turn a house into a family home. I love nothing more than seeing my children’s cheerful chubby faces smiling up at me, so capturing them in a range of prints and everyday products is a great way to add a splash of colour and sprinkle of love to your day.

Snapfish Digital Photo Printing

Snapfish Digital Photo Printing

I have literally personalised my way through almost the entire site of Snapfish, as they have everything you can imagine putting pictures onto, from t-shirts to cups, calendars, cards, magnets and many many more. When my plethora of personalised goodies arrived this morning I just couldn’t stop smiling, because now I can keep my children’s beautiful pictures with me no matter where I go. I love drinking a nice refreshing and healthy cup of green tea throughout my day, so I couldn’t resist having a photo mug made. My 2yr old son Gabriele jumped into a paper shopping bag a few months back wearing just his nappy and sipping on a bottle of milk and looked absolutely edible so I took his picture. And as we call him Baby-G as his pet name I thought why not caption his cup as “A nice cuppa baby-G bag” to play on g-bag and teabag. It makes me smile every time I boil the kettle and is a picture that I will always cherish. It’s also a great idea to take to the office to bring a little bit of home comfort into work and because I love looking at his cheeky picture when I’m having my tea I find I’m drinking more liquids and helping to detox too. This single photo 11oz white mug cost just £7.99 and comes in a variety of styles, layouts and personalised font and text.

I figured I’m either flapping around at home or driving in my car, with my sorry old keys rattling around on a boring silver loop and looking very uninspiring. So I used my beloved snap of the children playing in the garden of Buckingham Palace to add a splash of colour to my keys. Now every time that I use my keys I am reminded of my little cherubs and it puts the biggest smile on my face for which I go about my day all the more cheerful because of it. The durable acrylic keyring costs just £2.99 and is printed with the same photo front and back, also keeping my keys attractively tidy too.

I have just the one family portrait of the children and I, and part of instilling a sense of identity, unity and bond as a single parent family is to ensure my children realise how loved and special they are to me. From theming their bedrooms to buying them their own special set of cutlery to eat at the table together, and having our three names hanging on the Christmas tree and cards. When they see something that is theirs and part of a set it melts my heart, and so having their own self portrait’s printed onto posters to stand proudly in the hall besides the rows of little shoes and coats is simply adorable. I used my two favourite snaps of the children, Gabriele giggling at blowing out a clock in the summer and Millie with a pretty pink face-paint at the village fete. The 15″x10″ posters for £3.99 each are the perfect size to hang in a frame if you wish, or they can be blu-tac’d to the wall and moved around as often as you like, they are incredible value for money and have such a flawless glossy finish.

When I travel by train I get the rare opportunity to drop everything and lose myself in a good book, knowing that nothing and nobody can disturb me and I have an hour or so onboard to relax and unwind. And when I read I usually tend to take old shopping lists, leaflets or anything remotely flat from my bag to mark my page as I hate bending over the corners if I can’t find a bookmark. When I saw the 3D animated bookmarks for £5.99 I literally sprang at it with gusto and uploaded a picture of my angels snuggled up on the sofa together holding hands. I chose a 3D lights animation in a range of rainbow colours because it reminded me of the fairy lights on the Christmas tree as a child and is something I will always remember fondly. Now when I read on the train I have my two adorable children following me with every page and the lights flicker, move and twinkle as I tilt the bookmark. At 2.3″ x 5.6″ and slightly flexible, the bookmark is a good size to remain in place and hold the page, whilst being sturdy and strong with a durable coating so that it won’t snap, curl up or gradually dissolve through use like material bookmarks do.

Finally I found a pretty star bauble for £5.99 which I had intended to hang on my Christmas tree but found that it looks just as beautiful in the kitchen window. The 3D motion design means that you can view two treasured photographs at once, as when I tilt it one way it displays a picture of my son opening a gate, and when I tilt it the other way my daughter is smiling with her curly blonde hair. It’s fascinating to have two pictures of my children together as you can really see the likeness in their features as it flips from picture to picture with each angle. And because it’s made with a durable coating I don’t have to worry about my son dropping it, chewing on it or pulling it about like a traditional bauble, as it loves watching the photos change and it’s something that we can all enjoy all year round. It came with a red satin ribbon for tying and the 3D effect is fantastic.

Now my day can be filled with beautiful memories of my sweet children and the Snapfish digital printing service makes brightening up your home and giving personalised gifts to loved ones a doddle.
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