Solgar Personal Supplement Prescription

As a fitness bunny vegan, at the age of 27yrs I lead an active healthy lifestyle fuelled by fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables and plenty of exercise. However, despite how cleanly you live, most people are lacking certain vitamins and minerals that the body requires, and after completing a personal diet and lifestyle survey with Solgar I’ve discovered that I’m lacking in iron and vitamin B12 because of my plant based diet. Time to call in the experts!

Solgar Personal Supplement Prescription

Solgar Personal Supplement Prescription

Solgar have been producing innovative and scientific driven nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, botanicals and food extracts since 1947 at their state of the art UK based manufacturing facility. Their commitment to excellence has earned them the highest respect within the health industry, as only approved retailers with supplement training and on-going comprehensive nutritional education are allowed to stock their products. And whilst I’ve never taken dietary supplements before, I realise that like most people, I have dietary needs and areas of my health that I would like to improve on.

A Solgar nutrition advisor has therefore prepared a personal supplement prescription to meet my dietary needs, highlighting the fact that a general multivitamin and mineral formula can be taken as a safety net to cover any nutritional gaps that are in my vegan diet. For this I have the Solgar Formula VM75 which is an extra potency multivitamin rich in antioxidants with amino acid and chelated minerals and comes in tablet form to be taken once a day. Not only is it suitable for vegans, but it’s also sugar and salt free, and a single jar contains 30 tablets providing one months supply. It provides a broad spectrum of nutrients and vitamin B to support healthy energy levels whilst helping to manage stress. Women have different nutritional requirements to men due to our complex hormone pattern, as well as an increased risk of bone loss, as a single parent I also lead a hectic life and get very little sleep or rest time, so taking a multinutrient is beneficial to me in so many ways.

As with most women I too suffer from breaking and splitting hair and flimsy nails for which Solgar have prescribed the Solgar Skin, Nails And Hair Formula. Containing nutrients such as vitamin C, L-lysine and proline along with MSM and Zinc which help to build collagen and are key to healthy skin tissue, nails and hair. The formula is vegan friendly and sugar, salt and starch free, with a single jar containing 60 tablets to be taken twice a day, providing one months supply. Consuming nuts, seeds and avocados in my diet also helps to add the healthy fats that my hair, skin and nails need.

I’ve suffered terrible periods since my menstrual cycle first started at the age of fourteen. Not only are my periods very heavy but I get awful cramps, lower back pain, a lack of energy and difficulty sleeping which takes its toll on my body each month and makes daily life so much harder each time that I have my period. I never knew that a lack of magnesium can cause moodiness, menstrual cramps and symptoms of PMS, so Solgar have prescribed their Solgar Chelated Magnesium with a single jar containing 100 tablets to be taken four times a day providing one months supply. They’ve also highlighted to me that a lack of sleep, a stressful lifestyle and little time away from screens and mobile devices is very taxing on my body and taking time out to relax and reduce my stress levels will make a great impact on my health.

I’m extremely pleased with my personal supplement plan and already feel so much better for supplementing my diet. The Solgar website is incredibly transparent and open about their ingredients, because only the highest quality are used. There’s no small print, no catches or side-effects as it’s all natural and UK regulated to the highest standards. It’s incredibly refreshing to be able to click into sections that are vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal friendly for all of my health needs, as I’ve wasted many hours in supermarkets looking at walls of pill pots and concoctions only to discover the capsules are loaded with sugar and made from animal fats or contain dairy and might not even be applicable to my health needs. With my own personal prescription I know that I’m getting exactly what my body requires on a daily basis, afterall I wouldn’t go to a fast food restaurant to bandage a cut knee, so why play guessing games with your health and nutritional requirements when an expert can draw up a personal plan for you.

My nutritional health is something that I’ve surprisingly never addressed before, as I think carefully about what I put on my plate and how I train my body but I’ve overlooked my nourishment. Having the correct professional supplementation has taken my overall health from an 8/10 to a 9.99/10 and I’ve never felt so good. I’m sleeping better, more energetic, my periods are more manageable and my hair and nails are so strong and healthy. Much like leaving a plant to wilt and dry out on a windowsill, giving it a little water and plant food can take it from scrawny to luscious and totally transform it. I’m also making a more conscious effort to stay away from technology in the evening, and after dinner I cuddle up with the kids in bed and we read a book to unwind together rather than watching films, answering emails or surfing social media. It takes me seconds to take my supplements each day and has made such a positive impact on my health.
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