Strength Shop UK Hip Rotation Band

I’m hooked on training legs, they’re by far the strongest, most responsive and muscular part of my body and I see my results so quickly when training. As with any exercise it’s always helpful to include new routines, isolate muscles and vary sets and repetitions in order to drive progress which is why I’ve got this very handy hip rotation band from Strength Shop UK.

Strength Shop UK Hip Rotation Band

Strength Shop UK Hip Rotation Band

Here I am using the 14″ hip rotation band in blue which is used to warm-up and activate the hip and glutes prior to training. This band can be worn around the legs or knees whilst squatting and walking to open up the hips and align the knees guiding¬†them outward when squatting or performing a sumo deadlift.

The band is thick and durable with a gentle stretch to provide the tension and resistance required to work and warm the leg muscles safely. It’s soft against the skin and you can really feel the inner thighs burning with every step that you take. A fab piece of home fitness equipment that can easily tuck into a gym bag to take your leg day routine to the next level.
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