Strippd Vegan Pea & Hemp Protein

Protein is essential for building lean muscle and maintaining hair, skin and nails which being vegan I struggle to consume enough of as I don’t have eat meat, fish or dairy. Protein shakes make a great post-workout nutritious snack to aid in muscle recovery, can be stirred into porridge and berries for a healthy breakfast or taken in place of naughty treats as Strippd have a delicious range of vegan-friendly flavours as well as whey!

Strippd Vegan Pea & Hemp Protein

Strippd Vegan Pea & Hemp Protein

Being dairy free, gluten free, GMO free and made using only natural organic ingredients each Strippd shake provides 22g of protein per serving, the equivalent to six egg-whites, with only 115 calories. Containing no fillers or chemicals the shakes base their honest clean contents on pea protein, hemp protein, Yerba Mate extract – a South American natural caffeine and immune system booster – L-Carnitine and CLA to provide a daily dose of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants whilst supporting a healthy vegan/lactose intolerant diet.

To prepare my protein shake I mixed¬†250ml of oat milk – you can use water, coconut water or soy milk instead – along with a whole 35g vanilla sachet in my shaker which I shake with the lid closed until all of the powder has dispersed. The shake is medium-thick in density with a deliciously light and mellow vanilla flavour that disguises the pea protein perfectly as it can be a bit of an acquired taste for some. A filling delicious shake for a post-workout kick that quashes cravings and fuels my healthy active lifestyle. What’s more, the Strippd vegan range is available in vanilla, berry and chocolate flavours to suit all tastes; what more could a girl ask for?
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