Tea Doctor 14 Day Teatox

We’ve all heard the cliche you are what you eat right? Well it’s far more surprising to know that you are what you drink, as several cups of coffee, a few fizzy drinks, squash or smoothies can actually amount to a days worth of calories on their own – and that’s without any food! Teatox, or tea used to detox has recently become a world-famous and natural way to shift those stubborn pounds and get those jeans fitting better in just a couple of weeks thanks to the Tea Doctor.

Tea Doctor 14 Day Teatox

Tea Doctor 14 Day Teatox

Teatox works by kick starting a healthy lifestyle in order to lose stubborn fat by detoxifying the body. The natural ingredients cleanse away toxins gained from unhealthy eating and drinking and go hand in hand with regular exercise and clean eating. It’s recommended that you take two weeks to allow the tea to cleanse and at the end you could see a half a stone weight loss! Here I have the 14 Day Teatox for which I drink one tea first thing in the morning and a second tea last thing at night before bed. It’s recommended for best results that I cut back on junk food and up my exercise to compliment the cleanse. The daytime tea is florally fragrant containing aniseed, fennel seed, cardamom pod, licorice root, coriander seed, celery seed which reminds me of sweets crossed with sambuca and lemon and it tastes so delicious. Certainly in these colder months a nice hot cup of tea first thing in the morning helps to warm me up and settle my stomach as I would have nibbled all morning on cereals and fruit eating way more than I should. I guess the tea works as a preparation for the day and because you feel warm and full you don’t have the same daily mindset to eat junk.

The night time tea is a different natural blend containing oat flowering tops, licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower, lime flower, valerian root, green rama tulsi leaf and to me it smells just like lavender and picnics, calming, gentle and cosy, perfect for unwinding in the evening. Staying hydrated is essential to helping to keep your body healthy, so a cup of herbal tea before bed helps everything to settle and digest the days food and leaves me feeling content and relaxed ready for bed. The difference a good nights sleep can make is incredible to your energy and wellbeing and when I wake up in the morning I’m bright and fresh ready for my morning tea. Using the two blends together in the morning and evening has really helped to kick start a new healthier me. In these colder months it’s all too easy to nestle up on the sofa and snack, drive everywhere and stay up late watching boxsets in bed; but my tea has become a positive daily routine that picks me up and makes me feel good, I’m less bloated which in turn has kept me more active and health conscious about what I’m eating too and it gets me to bed earlier in a regular routine so that I get a proper quality and duration of sleep now.

A 14 Day Tea Doctor teatox costs just £19.99 working out as 71p per cup, which compared to a regular takeout coffee being £2.15 a time and loaded with calories I think it’s a pretty great way to save on both pounds in the pocket and on your waistline.

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