#TeamKiss 21 Day Home Workout Programme

Juggling fitness with a lack of childcare, unpredictable working hours and minimal sleep as a single mother of two is a task in itself and whilst I love going to the gym I’ve found it far more convenient, affordable and reliable to workout from home. I qualified as a personal trainer in 2016 and then competed in my first bodybuilding bikini contest in 2017 for which I placed 2nd in Female Tattooed Muscle Model for the Pure Elite UK Championships and also earned my PRO card. Through my studies and experience of bodybuilding by using myself as a guinea pig I’ve discovered which techniques work best when keeping fit from home with no equipment, and I’ve created this home workout programme to share my findings with you all.

I realise the importance of removing the obstacles that lay in the path preventing us from achieving our fitness goals because I’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it! I’m a working single mother, I know what it is to burn the candle at both ends, spend hours yawning and slaving over the cooker each night to make dinner for the family and then muster enough energy to workout before falling asleep at the breakfast table again after yet another sleepless night with a poorly toddler. I get that life is hectic, I get that working out takes extra effort at the end of a long day and I get that convenience foods are sometimes the only option when a spanner hits the works but through my 21 day home workout programme I look to change that and help you to make health-conscious lifestyle adjustments and establish an achievable fitness routine that helps you to steadily lose weight, tone up, build muscle and have far more energy. I’ve done it, I continue to do it and I have absolutely no doubt that you can do it too.

I found my love of exercise after having my two children and becoming a fitness blogger reviewing home workouts from TV adverts that cost hundreds of pounds, bought all sorts of equipment that filled up my cupboards and very often left me feeling red hot, sweaty, sick and dizzy after hours of working out each night when the children went to bed. Yes it was a costly and time-consuming commitment for me to make and certainly not for the faint hearted, but I’m very proud to have seen the 6-8 week workouts through and blogged about my successful results yet I realise for the average Joe starting out on these programmes can be far too intense, far too expensive and far too easy to give up on when the going gets tough.

#TeamKiss 21 Day Home Workout Programme

I find the most effective changes in life are those that you are ready and able to take for yourself, it’s all about small steps that you can keep up with, remain positive about and notice constant progress. So many people starve themselves when looking to lose weight that they get short-term noticeable results as the weight starts to come off which is typically water retention but then the body becomes exhausted, malnourished and goes into shock and within weeks, if not days, they give in to binge-eating once more to regain energy and yo-yo back to their original weight, more often ending up with more body fat than before they started. Starving is not healthy, starving is not sustainable and can severely damage your health. If you want to cut body fat and build muscle then you have to fuel your body properly through nutrition so that so that every process can work, recover and adapt accordingly and longterm results will be more achievable and sustainable without the risk of yo-yo’ing or punishing yourself.

In my 21 day home workout programme I’ll show you how to exercise from anywhere at anytime; whether you’re at home, work, on holiday or in a hotel you only need as much space as it requires to lay on the floor and no equipment, subscriptions, memberships or hidden additional fees. You’re free to workout at a time that suits you, whether you’re a morning or night person it makes absolutely no difference because you can go at your own pace from the comfort of your home with nobody watching or passing judgement. We all have to start from somewhere and nobody is perfect, but taking that first step and making the decision to change is a strength that we all have within us and I’m honoured to help you all to achieve that.

#TeamKiss 21 Day Home Workout Programme

Fitness is certainly a mind game as much as a physical activity so it’s important to understand what you want to get out of working out. I’ll help you to set yourself goals, realise why you’re starting out in fitness and where you want to get to, identifying the things that could stop you and put in place tactics to deal with any excuses that you might make – believe me the excuses will come! If you can change your mindset to a can-do attitude then you’re already half way there. Sadly we’re so used to failing at things that we have no experience of that it’s easy to fall into the cycle of negativity and self-doubt but breaking it is absolutely amazing. Seeing that first pound of body fat shift is incredible, feeling your clothes fitting better, noticing your appearance changing in the mirror, holding your head a little higher and having more self-confidence is absolutely priceless. After a good workout I find that I sleep much better, eat more healthily, have more energy and love how strong my body feels which improves each and every day building up my cycle of positivity, self-acceptance and happiness in life.

I’ll share with you my healthy food swaps, ways to stay active throughout the day without it feeling like exercise and incentives to keep you on track. Being a part of #teamkiss is more than just a workout plan, it’s a way of life and a positive and active family of like-minded people of all ages, backgrounds and physical abilities from across the world. Together we are united by the desire to live longer, feel better and get fit together, supporting one-another, motivating others and taking control of our lives but putting our health first.


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  • LOVE this idea and will purchasing/joining TeamKiss..TY for your invite and insight!! KUDOS

  • I watched the edits on your YouTube channel and I am impressed! You go through each move with grace and determination, it’s nice to see your fitness journey take off like a rocketship! I am certainly thankful that you record in High Definition Tracy Kiss! I can really see each muscle group working in unison to keep your body stable. Your red outfit is blood-boilingly hot (new word? 🙂 ) and im a huge fan of your Build-A-Booty Workout for women . I like to call it a cake, perfectly sliced down the middle with all the sweetness in the middle Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm 🙂 You are definitely going to leap ahead of other athletes because of your cake having an extra 200 calories of fresh sperm nutrients monthly. There’s research that confirms women react positively to digestion of semen, and there’s HUNDREDS more HEALTHY benefits that are still being discovered. Your continued fitness journey is reflective of the positive effect of digesting semen on a regular basis. There’s research showing that sperm improves brain function in women, which may explain your wit and candor. Cheers.

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