The Shape Guide Black Butt Lifter Bra With Adjustable Hooks

If I could choose any part of my body to change it would certainly be my mid section, as I think without hesitation most women would love to have a slimmer stomach and perkier bottom. Sadly we can’t all have the body of a seventeen year old forever, but with a little help from The Shape Guide we can certainly look super hot fully clothed!

The Shape Guide Black Butt Lifter Bra With Adjustable Hooks

The Shape Guide Black Butt Lifter Bra With Adjustable Hooks

Here I am wearing a size medium butt lifter bra with adjustable hooks. It may look a little rugby player-esque but this baby really works miracles. Made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex the butt lifter is thick, strong and supportive with stretch to make it comfortable to wear all day under your clothes.

The high waist band nips in the stomach to conceal any unsightly bulges and instantly slims the torso whilst giving the adjustable butt straps something to fix onto to help your buttocks to defy gravity. The butt lifter features a thong style garment that has two adjustable straps to slip under your buttocks and fasten at the front. Just like a bra strap there are three levels of tension, the first and widest setting provides a natural lift, the second and middle setting provides a fuller lift, and the third and tightest setting provides maximum lift to make Beyonce blush!

Naturally I have chosen the third setting to create the fullest lift possible and I love what it does to my stomach, legs and buttocks. I feel far more confident wearing my butt lifter and it’s perfectly discreet beneath clothes allowing me to rock a pair of skinny jeans, plump out a pencil skirt and va-va-voom a bodycon. Priced at an incredible £24.99 from The Shape Guide the butt lifter is my style steal of the season!
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