USN Strawberry & White Chocolate Protein Mousse

When it comes to getting enough protein as a fitness bunny vegetarian it can be difficult to meet the same levels required as that of a meat eater consuming whole breasts of chicken and copious amounts of egg. And my sweet tooth is also rather devilish at undoing all of my good work in the gym with late night cravings. So a low in fat, high protein pudding thats perfect for muscle recovery would be too good to be true, right? Wrong! Because USN Protein Mousse does just that.

USN Strawberry & White Chocolate Protein Mousse

USN Strawberry & White Chocolate Protein Mousse

The strawberry and white chocolate mousse is luxuriously indulgent, high in protein, low in fat, sugar free and the perfect nutritious supplement to a healthy lifestyle. The mousse is formulated to supply the body with amino acids whilst you sleep, and can be eaten at any time of the day, as a dessert, snack or to satisfy that sweet tooth and cravings. So you really can have your cake, or rather protein mousse, and eat it! Switching your unhealthy snacks for a sweetly satisfying nutritional dessert keeps you perfectly on track to achieve the fit, strong and healthy body of your dreams.

The mousse is super simple to make, as I start by adding 175ml of cold tap water to my shaker along with a single scoop of USN protein mousse powder and shake it up. After several seconds of shaking the powder easily mixes and transforms into a mousse that is gloriously thick and sweet, whippy, smooth and as cool and refreshing as ice cream. The strawberry flavour is fruity and light with a creamy white chocolate aftertaste that leaves you licking your lips and feeling naughtily content just as you would if you made your way through the dessert menu at a restaurant.

Just one serving is incredibly filling, with its thick creamy texture lining my stomach nicely and leaving me snack free for the rest of the day. A 480g tub of USN Protein Mousse costs just £24.99 providing 16 servings with 15g of protein in each.
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