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As a single parent to my daughter, Millisent 7yrs, and son, Gabriele 2yrs, I know all too well how precious time is. I love spending the weekend playing with the children and having fun, helping to finish their homework and visit all the family and friends, but on the other hand I also have a mountain of boring chores to do, endless piles of washing, constant cooking and cleaning whilst working and trying to keep the little ones entertained. Which is why The Weekend Box is such a lovely idea, as it’s packed full of new and exciting nature inspired arts and craft, cookery and games for children, keeping them cheerfully content on a dreary Sunday afternoon or long drive.

The Weekend Box Children's Fortnightly Home Activities

The Weekend Box Children’s Fortnightly Home Activities

The Weekend Box is designed for ages 3-6yrs and is delivered fortnightly to your door, slotting through the letter box so there’s no need to wait in for it. With a fun and refreshing constant supply of arts and crafts for the children I’m able to potter about whilst they craft, and we can cook together and play the games they have made too. It’s a wonderful way to engage creativity and imagination and provides me with those golden moments to juggle the day whilst the children are engrossed in what they’re doing. The Weekend Box can slip into a back pack and comes in handy for long journeys and visits too, as it’s a case of bottoms on seats whilst having quiet and contented fun and can be taken everywhere and anywhere. It certainly makes a change from goggle-boxing in front of the television or playing computer games.

Each box contains healthy recipes to make at home, sensory exploration activities, craft kit and materials, things to plant and up-cycle, competition stickers and certificates, instructions and is personally addressed to the children which makes it incredibly special and exciting. In this weeks box we made some delicious popcorn cupcakes, which sadly didn’t last long enough to cool down thanks to some cheeky little tummies, making a miniature kite, crafting a butterfly peg and building a board game with button counters and a dice. After completing each activity card the children place their Weekend Box animal sticker in the “all done” section which feature celebratory messages from the adorable characters of Wooster the rabbit getting creative in the kitchen, Hattie the hedgehog getting dirty in the garden, Sammy the squirrel creatively crafting and Oswald the owl playing games.

When the children have completed all of the activities they can then colour the certificate printed on the base of the Weekend Box and cut it out to keep. Gabriele (2yrs) loves to point out the colours and animals as well as colouring in and counting the numbers on the dice for the board game, and Millie (7yrs) loved cooking and mixing the ingredients as well as crafting her kite and butterfly. The box certainly captures the imagination of all ages for boys and girls alike and it’s lovely to see the children playing together and making special nature-inspired keepsakes that we can cherish and give to friends and family as presents too.

I have a fabulous promo code from The Weekend Box for my readers which will enable you to try your 1st Weekend Box for free, simply visit The Weekend Box Club here and enter the code “TRACY246”
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