Whitebox Cleanse Polish And Whiten Teeth From Home

When it comes to home teeth whitening I like to think that I know a fair amount about which products work best for me and which don’t. I’ve written many reviews on whitening strips from various brands but this is the first three stage process that I have used and for that Whitebox are certainly unique! They are also peroxide free with zero sensitivity or discomfort and use enamel safe natural ingredients.

Whitebox Cleanse Polish And Whiten Teeth From Home

Whitebox Cleanse Polish And Whiten Teeth From Home

When whitening teeth we look at what treatments will provide the fastest, safest and easiest results that we can maintain, but more often than not we overlook the health and condition of our teeth before whitening. We wan’t to whiten then because they’re discoloured right? But what has made them so dull needs to be addressed first before we seek treatment. The White box focuses on three stages of whitening that has only ever previously been used by a dentist; the cleanse, polish and whiten technique.

The pack comes complete with an instruction booklet, two flossettes, two polishing sponges, a polishing strip and fourteen individual sets on whitening strips for both your top and bottom teeth. Whitebox boasts a professional dental whitening system that is designed by dentists to help you to achieve a great looking smile. My teeth are rather white from regular home whitening anyway but as I continue to drink green tea and eat lots of curry I find that I need to maintain the whiteness every month or so in order to top it up and keep it looking its brightest as new stains will always build with time unless you only ever eat white food and that’s never going to happen. Whitening strips are also great if you smoke, drink coffee or have the odd tipple of red wine.

Taking the steps outlined in the instruction booklet I begin by cleansing my teeth which starts with brushing with a whitening toothpaste for two minutes. I swear by using a sensitive toothpaste if you’re considering whitening your teeth as this helps to prevent sensitivity and keep them strong and protected. After I’ve whitened I then floss to remove any plaque build up from my teeth as this will not change colour from the whitening and will remain looking yellow on the teeth. I have to confess that I no longer floss since having my teeth straightened as I have a wire fitted to the back of my teeth to hold them in place which prevents me from pulling floss between them, however I can use the flossette to scrape away the build up between my front teeth with its pointed end and I can floss my side and back teeth. When I floss I sometimes draw blood by going under the gumline which is perfectly normal and doesn’t cause any harm, I simply rinse my mouth with warm water after and the bleeding quickly stops.

The next step is to polish for which I use the whitening sponge by running it under the tap and gently rubbing it across the surface of my teeth. I never realised I was squeamish until now and it made me twitch as I rubbed the sponge across my teeth because it felt like squeaking a foam wotsit in my mouth which wasn’t unpleasant just oddly unusual. The polishing strip is used very similarly to floss in the sense that it’s passed between the front teeth and pulled back and forth in a seesaw motion to remove staining from the edges of the teeth, however as I have my fixed wires I am unable to do this part of the procedure.

Now that the prep is over the whitening can begin, I tear open a single foil packet to reveal the strips which look like like the majority of whitening strips I have used before, they are clear and covered in gel with a long strip for the top teeth and a shorter curved strip for the bottom teeth. The instruction booklet advised drying your teeth with a paper towel which I don’t usually do, but in this case it helps to keep the strips firmly in place. I first peel off and apply the bottom strip by lining it up with my middle teeth and then wrapping it over the top to hold it in place. A second later and I have my top strip in place and my 30min treatment can begin.

The strips are very comfortable to wear and unlike poorer quality strips they don’t fill with saliva or peel off whilst in use. They are beautifully refreshing and uplifting like having a breath mint that leaves you feeling zingy cool and clean and after my time is up I easily peel them off, rinse my mouth with water to remove the excess gel and check them in the mirror. Despite recommending two treatments to see visible results my teeth are noticeably whiter and look and feel so fresh, I’m thrilled with the improvement¬†and love that this box as a top up treatment will last me well into next year. I have taken the before and after pictures half an hour apart in my hallway with an energy saving lightbulb switched on above me. The Whitebox strips can be used twice a day for a seven day express treatment to lift discoloured teeth up to ten times whiter, or once a day for fourteen days for a more steady treatment. Seeing as I’m only having a top up of whiteness and not a drastic colour change I am happy to use my Whitebox once a fortnight or so.

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