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It’s a well known fact that luscious eyelashes can take you from gorgeous to goddess in three seconds flat, and there are many techniques and tricks available on the market to achieve the perfect flutter. From false eyelash strips to individual or clustered lash infills, tinting, curling and lifting, they all aim to make our lashes bigger, wider, darker and longer to make a focal point of the eye. As my natural eyelashes are quite fair and thin I find wearing mascara makes them clump and look like spindly spider legs which makes me avoid it at all costs, but when I saw the new Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique I had to give it a go.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

The Moodstruck Fibre Lashes claim to provide a 300% increase in thickness and volume to your natural lashes whilst still looking and feeling real. They are water resistant and contain 100% natural green tea fibers, beeswax, Brazilian palm glue and collagen. They come in a stunning studded leather effect black case with a silver Younique logo on the top. The case is lined with black velvet and the two matte and gloss black wands held in position with two leather cuffs, much like a fine jewellery display case or expensive cigar.

To create the 3D Fiber Lashes you begin by applying a thin coat of your own mascara to both sets of your lashes and allow them to dry. Mascaras vary from brand to brand and we’ve all trialled and tested our favourites over the years, from those that are too thin, too thick, too clumpy or smudge off too easily, everybody had a mascara that works best for them and their needs, so it’s great that the Moonstruck lashes work with your existing favourite mascara.

With my black mascara in place the next step is to apply an even coat of transplanting gel onto the lashes doing one eye at a time. The transplanting gel looks very much like black mascara as it’s fairly thick and smooth. It’s helpful to keep a lash comb to hand to separate the lashes and avoid clumping by combing out any lashes that touch. Immediately before the gel has time to dry I then apply the fibres to the lashes, taking care not to apply too many at once or they will lose grip and fall off. The natural fibers come on a wand just like mascara although it is dry and fluffy instead, and the fibers themselves are very small, just a few millimetres in length, straight and dark black. It feels like sticking feathers to a tarred chicken, and within just a couple of strokes my lashes are visibly thicker and darker. They look gorgeous and it’s almost irresistible to not want to keep building them. When I’m finished applying them I then use the transplanting gel once more to coat all of the lashes and seal them in. You can apply as many layers of lashes as you like to create the desired look that you want, so long as you remember to seal them in gel each time. Here I have applied two layers of 3D fiber Lashes.

My lashes are now beautifully long, thick and stunning. I am absolutely amazed by the results. They sit perfectly in place, don’t peel off at the end or clump up. They look classically luxurious without appearing cheap, obvious and fake and there isn’t a blob of glue in sight. In the pictures I have left one eye with just black mascara and the other with the 3D lashes in order to show the difference between fine lashes before and after. The more layers you apply the stronger the result you will get, I am more than happy with two layers for a pretty natural daytime look, and for the evening I would possibly do three or four layers. Removing the lashes is very simple as you just wash your face with warm warm and wipe away with a makeup cleanser, just as you would with regular mascara.

These stunning lashes will be available in the UK from November 1st 2014 which you can purchase here, or sign up for a reminder email in the meantime!

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