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When it comes to being healthy I’ve pretty much mastered the art of clean living with my vegan diet and daily exercise routine. I like to eat well and feel well, because what you put into your body results on what comes out, and much like a sports car you’d want to fill its tank with the finest fuel rather than sludge, right? But doesn’t sludge taste good! And when I say sludge I mean alcohol, sugar, caffeine, treats and junk. Sure it’s not a part of my everyday diet, but it certainly creeps its way in there every now and then, which is where Your Tea teatox, that’s a tea based detox, comes in handy!

Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox

Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox

In this day and age there are many alternate remedies to health problems on the market, and I always like to sample the herbal based remedies over pills and chemicals. My diet is very nature based, so it makes sense to keep my body as chemical free as possible when looking to heal, cleanse and refresh my organs. Your Tea use special herbal blends of tea based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, also known as TCM. It’s more of a lifestyle rather than a quick fix, as the mantra is to be proactive about your health and maintain your body, rather than running it down and trying to fix it when it breaks. The idea is that by eating well, living calmly, being active and feeling happy you can assist your body in functioning to the best of its abilities on a daily basis. And so the Chinese herbs should be consumed much like you would drink your regular tea or coffee daily, only this tea is far cleaner and less calorific or fattening minus the milk and sugar.

Once the herbs are consumed over a period of time the body will begin to get stronger and heal itself from within, with the natural herbal ingredients helping to reduce bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite, excess weight and help to increase energy thanks to its mix of Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi and Mai Ya. Unlike other commercial detox teas, Your Tea isn’t a laxative based drink, it doesn’t replace your meals and thankfully doesn’t leave you running for the toilet every ten seconds. It simply cleanses your body naturally in a gentle manner that is both refreshing and kind to your insides to put a spring in your step and help you to shake the excess bloating and unwanted weight. Whether you use Your Tea for a health kick for summer or to forever replace your regular teabags it’s entirely up to you. What you choose to put into your own body will determine how you feel, but being kind to your insides is certainly better for you than wrapped them with fats and sugar. Your Tea have a wonderful range of blends to help all aspects of your health and wellbeing, from gluten free to fertility, anti-oxidant, clear skin, extra energy, better sleep and assisting hangovers.

A single box of Your Tea Tiny Tea contains 42 disposable herbal bags and it’s very similar to green tea in colour, aroma and taste, if not a little more flavoursome because of the extensive blend of ingredients. I like to leave my teabag in a cup of boiled water for several minutes until it’s cool enough to drink and the water changes from clear to a deep earthy brown colour. It has a wonderful scent of nature that puts me in mind of a wet woodland, with its rich smoky tree bark aroma similar to black coffee minus the bitterness and aftertaste. The tea is rich and delicious, soaking into every part of my mouth and disappearing as soon as it’s swallowed, leaving behind an almost zingy menthol freshness like that of just brushed teeth. It’s beautifully cleansing to drink and clear to see how the same benefits work throughout the body as it makes its way down to the digestive system. On average I have around 3-4 cups of herbal tea a day along with a litre or so of still water and I enjoy feeling alert, healthy, energetic and upbeat, I could never go back to drinking regular tea again.
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