Yucoco Handmade Chocolate Creations

Now what could be more incredible than a mouthwatering bar of deliciously smooth Belgium chocolate? A heartfelt customised handmade bar of Belgium chocolate with your choice of toppings and a gift card of course. The marvellous powers that be at Yucoco have created the ultimate chocolate lovers gift site who I am literally giving a standing ovation to right now!

Yucoco Handmade Chocolate Creations

Yucoco Handmade Chocolate Creations

At Yucoco you can design and personalise your very own bar of chocolate choosing from over 1 billion combinations, yes let’s just let that sink in for a second. Wow, now I’m drooling. Each chocolate bar is handmade to order and delivered within 3-5 days, which you can further personalise by giving your bar a name and filling out a TO and FROM section inside. You also have the option to add a handwritten gift card if you if you would like a message to go along with the chocolate, and it is sent altogether straight to you or directly to a lucky recipient if you wish.

Each chocolate bar is a whopping 140grams in size and there are masses of toppings to choose from to suit every taste and texture, from fruity to spicy and nutty to naughty. There is literally every topping you could imagine from delicious homemade salted caramel rocks to chocolate covered popping candy, and depending on the individual toppings chosen, the average customised bar comes in at under £10.00 including delivery so it’s a fab personalised gift to suit all purses.

I am so excited to create my own chocolate bar, clicking my way through the bright and cheerful site and licking my lips like a lion stalking her prey at the delicious treats on screen. The site is incredibly easy to use and navigate, with bold titles and pictures of each product and you’re first asked to choose a chocolate to build your bar from, with the option of wicked white, marvellous milk, dark divine or terrific trio which is a mixture of all three. The white chocolate is wonderfully creamy and made from 28% cocoa butter and pure bourbon vanilla, the milk chocolate has a lovely smooth texture with 31% cocoa solids, and the Belgium dark chocolate has a divine 54% cocoa solids. Naturally I couldn’t choose just one, so I had all three in the form of the terrific trio bar that is divided into thirds containing white, milk and dark chocolate for just £4.50.

The next task is to choose five toppings to add to the bar which was quite a task as I would have easily piled every one onto my bar. What a fab idea! After a few moments of deliberation I finally settled on my toppings which are all individually priced per serving. The toppings I have added are homemade peanut brittle for 80p, chocolate popping candy for 80p, homemade shortbread crumbs for 50p, toffee for 80p and juicy lips for 40p, bringing my chocolate bar and topping total to a very reasonable £7.80. I chose these toppings to add a nice mix of texture and build a feast for the senses, from the crumbly soft shortbread to the crunchy sweet peanut brittle, exploding popping candy, dense toffee and light and squishy pink lips for colour and bounce. And I have to say my bar looks incredibly pretty, as when you select each topping it adds it to your picture and shows you what it will look like.

I was then prompted to name my bar, for which the Zero Calorie Bar was my cheerful title of choice, as all good chocolate contains absolutely no calories at all, and if you eat chocolate with friends you actually lose weight, apparently. I then had the option to add a card with a personalised message for just £1.75.

Finally I had to choose my delivery preferences for which I picked the £2.45 option taking 2-3 working days and sending the package to myself. The personalised chocolate bar and card came to a total of £9.55, and with postage it came to £12.00 and arrived right on time. Yucoco bars are very generously sized, making a fantastic and affordable gift for loved ones, wether it’s to mark a special occasion, fill a stocking at Xmas or give as a Secret Santa present in the office. And it tastes just as incredible as it looks!

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