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Hello Easter holidays! Finally the sun is shining and the snow has melted, how insane has the weather been recently, minus three degrees in April is really not my idea of Spring time. But a nice nine degree day made for perfect sunny conditions to get the children outdoors and to the local farm to see the baby lambs, chicken, ducks, goats and horses and it was wonderful.

We stopped off at Oak Farm Animal Park before heading to Weston Turville for a spot of lunch and our Sunday afternoon seemed to last a hundred hours, with not a care in the world and no concern for time, the hours trickled by and we all played, ate, cuddled and laughed the day away and it was a real breath of fresh air. Every family needs a little bit of time out together, no matter where it is or when, just that special moment when you tell the world to stop spinning, you step off of the roller coaster of daily life and just stand and enjoy those precious moments you get together as a family. We’re now one week into the Easter holidays and it’s been hectic, but lovely.

We Visited Oak Park Animal Farm During The Easter Holiday

We Visited Oak Park Animal Farm During The Easter Holiday

The house seems to be constantly trashed with every routine that ever existed completely out of the window as we eat cookies for breakfast, stay up until 3am watching films, visit relatives late until the evening and go shopping for everything and anything that we don’t even need. I think by the end of next week I’ll need a couple of weeks break to catch up with things again.

I have also completed the Insanity workout this week, which is the biggest most amazing relief ever. It’s incredible to think that in just two months I turned my mushy mummy body into a completely muscle bound machine, and it’s also incredible to wake up in the morning and not have to think about doing a two hour workout whilst massaging my aching muscles. But I’m glad I did it, I can tick it off of my bucket list, and I can now hopefully moderate my exercise to a couple of times per week and maintain the physique that I’ve achieved.

I Completed The 63 Day Insanity Workout!

I Completed The 63 Day Insanity Workout!

And today I have been given the details for my breast surgery which will be taking place in two weeks tomorrow. I am actually writing a separate blog detailing my surgery which I will publish when it is complete, but to cut a long story short, I had silicone implants put in at the age of eighteen and have since had my two children, a car accident and was hit in the chest by a car door whilst breastfeeding so they needed replacing, and there is a great possibility they may also be PIP which is a government slip-up meaning that they may be made of non-medical grade silicone and potentially health hazardous. So yeh, that’s a bit of a scary story which I shall save for another time, but in just fourteen days my implants will be changed and I will be safe, so fingers crossed that the time passes quickly and I heal safely.

It is also Gabriele’s first birthday in just twenty-two days and it will be just a week after my breast surgery, meaning I will be a bandaged and bleeding mummy still and unable to pick him up or hold him, which totally breaks my heart. I so badly want to make his first birthday special and having surgery has kind of crept itself into the way, but I’m determined to still give him a day to remember, I just have to come up with some super ideas sharpish in the mean time! Please feel free to put your answers on a postcard to me 🙂 x

And as I’ll also be off of exercise for the next month or so I’m trying to condition my appetite to stop eating like an elephant during an apocalypse, but every time I eat something healthy my sugar cravings kick in and brainwash me into eating junk food. I’m trying extremely hard to fight my way through my saliva-spells and stay on the straight and narrow for a healthy balanced diet, but boy oh boy am I finding it hard. But if it was easy then everybody would be slim and look like supermodels and it wouldn’t be worth doing! So fight I must, I just need to find my willpower sword first, it’s possibly in the pile of washing in my fridge. Wonderful.

I’m also looking forward to having my eyeliner tattoo’d next week which is another little treat in my attempt to glam up a little after having the children. After I had my eyebrows cosmetically tattoo’d last month I loved the results so much that I’ve booked in to have my eyeliner done on the 16th of April, which is both exciting and petrifying at the same time. The thought of having a needle anywhere near my eye freaks me out a little, and that’s before the pain of a tattoo on my eyelids, but I’ll take my camera and catch a video to share with you all and show you how I get on. Busy bunny indeed.

Baby Gabriele Is Now Sleeping Through The Night At 11 Months Old

Baby Gabriele Is Now Sleeping Through The Night At 11 Months Old

And our cheeky chops Gabriele has been a very good boy recently, aside from learning how to deliberately chuck his toys and belongings onto the floor now for us to retrieve several times in a minute before we give up and put it away, he is now sleeping through the night – most nights. Touch wood. There’s no wood near by so I just touched my head. I hope that counts.

He’s still teething, but he’s back onto solids with a bang, and the bang is usually found first thing in the morning inside of his nappy. He’s basically eating our meals now mashed with a fork with about two bottles of milk throughout the day in between meals as opposed to six. If we were to randomly find ourselves in a foreign country away from civilisation I am confident that we could feed him as a real human now, and not a sterile pureed baby, so that’s made trips out and meal times a billion times easier. Well he is almost a year old now, so I guess I should start his college fund soon.

Our Little Horse Rider Millie Is An Equestrian Expert Now

Our Little Horse Rider Millie Is An Equestrian Expert Now

Millie has had a lovely time out with her grandmother today for a spot of girly pampering getting her nails painted and then baking cakes and cookies with her aunt and cousin whilst Luca and I do housework, shopping and DIY. She melts my heart with the little phrases she comes out with and how much she’s suddenly changing into a young lady. She’s getting on so well at her horse riding lessons, her reading is just beautiful and we’re half way through her book of Matilda by Roald Dahl. And we’ve yet to plan some more fun and exciting activities for next week to cover the second half of the holiday but I’m sure she’ll have some crazy ideas up her little pink sleeves!

I hope that you’re all having a lovely Easter break and looking forward to the summer, some lovely family days out and booking a holiday! What are your favourite places to visit to pass the time and keep the children entertained and has anybody else had eyeliner cosmetically tattoo’d? I can hardly sleep for all of the fun and exciting things coming up, I’m probably going to age ten years in the next week from adrenaline alone! Has nature invented a natural rival for botox yet? *yawn* x

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