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Well the Jubilee was a bit of a washout it was so glum and wet and there was an awful cold wind, we went to celebrate in the village with my parents as they’d seen an all-singing and dancing advert in the local paper of a hog roast, live music, beer tent and face paints etc. for all of the family to enjoy and the stalls must have taken one look out of the window in the morning and decided they were going back to bed. When we got to the village green there was a lonely hog roast on its own that had very nearly been eaten by the crowds of people who all stood mindlessly on the grass with nothing to do. It was so cold we all had our coats on, in June!

So we admitted defeat and decided to walk home as it was approaching early evening, and suddenly it felt so warm and the sun started to shine and light up everything around us, so we all walked to the park and had another couple of hours playing on all of the swings and slides, feeding Gabriele, chasing Millie and chattering on a picnic table and it was absolutely lovely. The whole time we saw nothing of the Jubilee, saw no television coverage, flags or parades, we just played in the park together like we did years ago when we were children ourselves and it was magical. It’s times like that which mean more to me than any party we could ever have attended, and even though we’re unlikely to ever live to see another Jubilee, I don’t feel as if I’d missed out on much because we had such a lovely afternoon together making beautiful memories.

Gabriele And His Teddy Asleep In The Trolley At Costco Wholesalers

We went shopping at Costco yesterday to order the cakes for Gabriele’s christening and when we were there I spotted a HUGE teddybear, I mean huge like a full sized adult. My eyes lit up like a child in a sweet shop when I caught sight of it and I couldn’t resist dragging it out of its massive box for a cuddle. As soon as the teddy’s ridiculously soft fur touched my face immediately it time warped me back to my youth and I just had the biggest grin; it’s huge feet dragged across the floor as I waltzed it around the entrance humming to myself dreamily much to the amusement of the other shoppers. I just didn’t want to put him down, he was beautiful and exciting and just perfect, and everything a teddy should be. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Millie’s face if we bought it to take home, so reluctantly Luca tried his best to fit it into the shopping trolley that Gabriele was sleeping in, asking if we really needed a life size teddy and if we had room for it, and my answer was an excited prepubescent “Absomundo!”

Millie Enjoying A Cuddle With The Children’s New Teddy

Driving back home in the car was just as fun as dancing with the teddy, he was too big to fit in the back of Luca’s two door BMW so he took pride of place in the front passenger seat next to Luca. The look on people’s faces was priceless when we’d pull up at a crossing or next to another car at the traffic lights; as soon as they spotted him they smiled from ear to ear and nudged the people next to them, pointing and laughing, the teddy excitement is contagious. I’m tempted to bring teddy out shopping with me just so I can spend another day seeing everybody we pass so incredibly cheerful.

And when Millie met teddy her face lit up and she couldn’t believe her eyes, to me the teddy is huge but to little Millie it’s ginormous! She loves cuddling him and lays on him like a beanbag, it’s too cute watching her holding his paw and talking to him no words could possibly capture the magic that it brings to our home.

Heavy Pudding Gabriele Falling Asleep In My Arms

Gabriele is doing so well with his new comfort milk, every poopy nappy is a happy nappy now! But boy-oh-boy does he make a pretty yellow mess, and the smell is getting so strong now he can send a waft of warm bottom mud across an entire room. We’re just pleased he’s not in pain or discomfort anymore from constipation.

He’s getting heavier and longer and stronger by the day, I swear my arms are so big and muscular people may actually start confusing me with a man very soon. He’s so alert now it’s lovely, when I talk to him his eyes watch my mouth and then look up at me and follow me about, and if Luca stands over my shoulder to say hello Gabriele turns his head to look at him. He’s tried to do little smiles, and he lies in my arms and opens his mouth and lets the corners of his lips curl up as he beams up at me. He’s so adorable I could squish and kiss and cuddle him all day long.

Millie has been a little treasure as always and still continues to help me by getting his nappies ready for a change and his ducky when I run the bath. I wasn’t expecting her to go off of him, but I thought perhaps the novelty might have worn off for her by now, and I’m pleased that it hasn’t and she’s still so incredibly excited to help out however and whenever she can.

I’m still so tired and absent-minded wishing for the night when he finally sleeps straight through… each day we’re one step closer! x x x

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