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Millie, Gabriele And I Having A Picnic At Gullivers Land Milton Keynes

So yesterday we went to Gullivers Land in Milton Keynes as part of our attempt to keep the children entertained over the summer holidays. I kidnapped my mum and the two children and off we went for a day of giggles, rides and sandwiches and it was absolutely lovely. I didn’t mind the fact the sat-nav sent us down the motorway, or that we arrived at 09:30 when the park was due to open at 10:30 – d’oh! We got the best parking space right in front of the gates, and Millie got to go on fourteen rides – FOURTEEN! Gabriele was as lovely as ever; he gave me lots of cuddles, had his milk and wore his adorable little blue sun hat. And Millie didn’t stop smiling the whole day, running around the park, pointing at all of the amazing things she found and squealing on the rides. I told myself I’d spend responsibly in order to stretch our ‘summer budget’ to cover as many fun attractions as we can for the summer, and considering we’ve not had much change left over from Gabriele’s christening, my dress and shoe spree, Legoland, clothes shopping for the children and meals out, I decided to pack a picnic and limit Millie’s spend to £10.00 for the gift shop. BUT, when I saw her little face and how happy she was, I couldn’t stop myself from spending! “What’s that honey? You think that’s pretty? Well have two of them then!” DANGER ZONE! Why is it the sunshine combined with your daughters cheerful little face somehow smokescreens you into thinking it’s fine spending £78.20 on an afternoon out that would have otherwise cost you nothing at the local park. But it was all worth it to see her smile, and Gabriele equally loved being outside feeling the breeze between his toes and the sunshine on his face.

Millie With A Butterfly Face Paint At Gullivers Land Milton Keynes

Millie also had her face painted for the first time ever, as every time she’s tried to have it done in the past in town or on a day out it’s either been closed, had a massive queue or the face painter is already packing up to go. So it was such an exciting moment as we were about to leave the theme park and Millie caught a glimpse of the empty pedestal and a woman holding a paintbrush primed and ready for action. Millie literally pedaled on air over to the face painter and flicked through the magical book of designs. She chose a pretty pink butterfly and as she set to work I saw a pair of legs carrying a massive bunch of balloons walking past so I nipped over and bought Millie a giant foil helium filled pink princess because they’re her favourite! And when her face was finished we couldn’t wait to see it, she ran over to the children’s mirror to take a look and her reaction was “Oh… can I take it off now please?” “No Millie, it’s taken ten minutes to put on and cost £4.50 so you have to keep it on until bedtime!” The poor little chicken, it looked like one of her preschool friends had done it, we were expecting a glittery, sparkling princess grand masked ball style face paint and instead we were greeted with a ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers!’ advert. And when we got into the scorching hot car to drive home I couldn’t help but laugh as Millie fell fast asleep with her sweaty forehead resting on the seat and mouth wide open; by the time we got home the butterfly looked more like it had been blowtorched so it was into the bath to wash off the sticky suncream and melted wings.

Gabriele On A Day Out At Gullivers Land Milton Keynes

We’re hoping to go to the zoo maybe next week, and I’m already grinning at the thought of Gabriele seeing his first penguin because I know that he loves black and white so if we can get close enough I bet he’ll kick his legs and stiffen his arms with a shocked expression on his face for at least three minutes just looking at them. And Millie will absolutely love telling us all about the animals at the zoo, because quite obviously now that she’s four and a half she knows everything about the world and where animals live and what they eat. She’s a little fountain of knowledge and I love everything she comes out with. She loves being our map-reader and tour guide bless her and secretly I like being a kid for the day and having her as my responsible adult.

We still have the beach and zoo to look forward to for days out during the holidays and once the kids go back to school we’re going to book up a Harry Potter studio tour, which hopefully by then we’ll have actually watched some Harry Potter films to know what it’s all about.

My hair is falling out by the handful recently and I think I’m going to be a bald eagle by the weekend at this rate. I thought a few months ago that it was just my hormones evening out and the hair loss would stop within a few weeks once it’d caught up, but it’s carried on and everyday my hairbrush looks like a pom pom after I’ve brushed my hair; and the shower! Good grief, the plughole blocks with hair before I’ve even shaved my armpits. But I suspect some of my hair may be falling out unwillingly because of a certain little nugget – not mentioning names – who likes to sit over my shoulder and grab fistfuls of hair to try to stuff into his mouth! Ahem! x x x


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