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Well I have no idea what’s happened to Gabriele’s sleep routine recently, it’s more out of the window right now than the actual window itself. He’s up all hours, restless, fidgety and angry at night and by the morning he turns into a sweet and smiley sleepy baby as I’m plucked from my warm cosy bed and cast out into the cold leaving him to snooze like a little kitten. And there was me thinking I could get four or five hours sleep a night! Fat chance!

Millie (4yrs) & Gabriele (4months) Playing On Blankets At Nanny’s House

So Millie goes back to school tomorrow and I’m so excited for her being excited but secretly dreading all of the backstage work; trying to get the kids dressed and fed on time, the bags packed, parking somewhere vaguely near the school so that we can walk up, finding the right door to get in and teacher to keep her safe. My memory is absolutely dreadful since having Gabriele, I could have a conversation with somebody a week ago and then totally forget who they are if I saw them today, so I’m a little worried I’ll forget where or with whom I’ve left Millie. I may have to wear a long sleeved top and write it on my arm so that nobody can see. Perhaps I could do a drive-thru in my slippers and big sunglasses and just drop her at the door and snake away discreetly with no makeup and bed hair? I think this is a system vitally lacking in schools, if it’s socially acceptable to have a McDonald’s in such a way there should be a booth and lane next to the school allocated to drive-thru parents to eliminate parking and waiting at school gates. God, if only I was Prime Minister for the day, how different our lives would be!

Luca and I went to the gym last night and it was fantabulous, I coaxed him into going twice in two days as he still ached from the day before and his enthusiasm was waining. Although my shins were sore from running the day before I couldn’t let the side down and I thought if we don’t break the barrier and get into a routine then we’ll never go, and we had such a great time and pushed ourselves that little bit harder than the day before. So day three of my membership and I’m still keen and excited, not sure how long it will last but I’ve signed for a year and there’s nothing I hate more than knowingly throwing money away. So even if I don’t want to go one day I’ll force myself down there because I know in the back of my mind when I’m laying in bed at night my delightful brain will be goading me “You’ve missed another day this week Tracy, that’s £1.10 per day down the drain, you could have bought a loaf of bread for the lunches all week for that, how dare you!”

So this time Luca and I worked out together which was just like in my dreams, where we skip carelessly through meadows hand in hand in beautiful golden sunshine, only in reality we were working up a sweat on metal cross trainers both with our headphones in facing the wall, it’s a modern day fairytale. 🙂

And after a nice blast of cardio we headed over to the weights and can I just say, I LIFT! Thank you very much, big proud smile and slight limp and hunchback right now but it’s all good, I’ve got this. So now that I’m approaching the ripe old age of *cough*twenty-five*cough* I’ve noticed my once pert and firm physique is now more of a bingo-winged thunder-thigh value combo ensemble and I want to do something about it. So onto the weight bench for me and I managed thirty reps of bicep weights and forty reps of leg lifting and when we collected the kids from Luca’s parents I did fifty sit-ups on the carpet with Millie laying on my legs counting me down before heading home.

The weird thing is, normally by eight o’clock in the evening I would be passing out from tiredness and putting cold water on my eyelids to stay awake long enough to see Luca return home from work, but since I’ve been going to the gym I’m so alert, awake and upbeat despite having less sleep than normal. What’s that Millie? You’ve woken up at 1am and need a glass of water in bed? Let me power walk down to the kitchen for you in my superhero underwear and do a headstand on my way back up for good measure! We didn’t go to bed until after midnight last night because we were both so alert still, and normally we’d be broken wrecks on the sofa using matchsticks to pin our eyelids open and our hands to lift our flopping heads and move our lips to speak. And now we are warriors! Rarrr!

And when Luca woke up this morning he said “We’re not doing the gym again tonight are we Trace?” and despite my legs feeling like I’ve shinned a wooden table and my arms believing I’ve power punched jelly all night I bravely kept a firm cheerful smile and replied “Of course we arrrrrre! Start as you mean to go on baby!” and when he left for the bathroom I curled back up into a ball and massaged my limbs just about long enough to turn myself over and face the window. No big deal, I’ve got ten hours until our next gym session, I should be able to walk by then. 🙂

You see, it’s all part of my master plan to keep Luca and I healthy so that we can live well into our nineties and see the children get married, have kids of their own and retire along with us! And after I instil a sense of achievement and well being in Luca, I want to help him to quit smoking, which he agreed to when I fell pregnant with Gabriele but took offence from every time I mentioned it and never did anything about it. So if I can get him looking and feeling healthy, quitting smoking and eating healthily he will be the ultimate husband and epitome of man! And then after that I’ll move onto phase two of the operation and teach him to sew, cross-stitch, iron table cloths and bake fresh gluten-free biscuits for me every morning before work. 🙂 x

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