Age: 4months & 3weeks

So it’s 6:15am on Monday morning and what am I doing? Weighing myself and updating my blog before the rush of the school run, I’m either very keen or very stupid – you decide!

Stepping onto the scales I didn’t know what to expect, yes I’ve actually been working out this week but I’ve also been building muscle, and together with our partying I’m managed to put away an Indian takeaway, two BBQ’s, sweets and ice-creams as well as my favourite dinners of home cooked curry, brown rice, jacket potatoes, oh and the odd bag of minstrels or three along the way!

I tried to go to the toilet in a vain attempt to drop a few stone but to no avail, so accepting my fate I got onto my Wii and close my eyes. And moments later when I looked up I was astonished to see a 4lb loss! Even though I’ve been working hard I honestly thought my pigging out would have left me breaking even if I was lucky. But what a pleasant surprise that goes to show you can eat like an animal so long as you balance it out with exercise. 🙂 How novel!

My Weight Loss 18 Weeks After Giving Birth

So looking at the pictures I’ve been working hard on my arms and legs to try and tone up the flab and when I touch my limbs and I really start to feel the firmness building. I still have a long way to go as I’ve only been to the gym a handful of times, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve been making so far. This week I think I’ll try to concentrate on my bottom which could easily be mistaken for a block of jelly at the moment, it’s floppy and soft and I can imagine it wibbles and bounces as I walk and probably looks like it’s talking to the floor when I run in leggings! So toning my derriere and working on my thighs is my main goal, and possibly next week I’ll try to find some abs from somewhere, maybe JJB might have a sale on!

My Wii Fit helps me to keep track of my progress and it’s nice to see the charts dropping down gradually, although there are a few trotter marks where my eight has gone up on a few occasions before dropping back down, but I guess it’s fairly normal to fluctuate slightly each week and so long as it’s not a massive jump up or down then I know I’m doing it in a healthy and proper way that I should be able to sustain.

Charting My Weight Loss 18 Weeks After Giving Birth On My Wii Fit

And finally we have another week of Gabriele’s crazy sleep routines, despite eating baby rice he doesn’t seem to have found a comfortable pattern yet and is still fairly shouty and upset in the evening when he’s getting tired. I guess you could put this down to tiredness – obviously! Perhaps teething, digestion now that he’s on solids, restlessness due to the change of weather from hot to cold back to hot again within a few days, or maybe that he prefers being a nighttime terrorist compared to a good boy! Who knows? But either way it can only get better so that’s something to look forward to at least, ha!

Baby Gabriele’s Nighttime Routine Week 18

Regardless of how my baby sleeps at night, he’s the happiest little chap I’ve ever met, so very loving cuddly and kissable and any extra time I get to spend with him rather than sleeping is a bonus! Ask me the same question if this continues for fifteen years and I might just give a different answer but for now I fully expect it and accept it as part of having a young baby.

Well I’d best dash, time for the school run and I’m still sat here in my PJ’s, not a good luck for walking your four year old into Primary school! x

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