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Poorly Baby Gabriele Sleeping WIth A Blocked Nose & Chesty Cough

Welcome Monday morning and what a cold and wet day it is. But on the bright side our little Gabriele is 21weeks old today and is as cheeky and adorable as ever. He still has his cold the poor little tinker, but he’s cheerful with it nonetheless. He’s choked up and snotty and keeps sneezing and dribbling, rubbing his eyes and whimpering as we rock him to sleep, he just needs lots of love and cuddles and infant Calpol to see him through.

Gabriele’s Nighttime Routine 20Weeks After Birth

And as you can see his sleep routine isn’t very rigid at the moment as he continues to wake every few hours and go down at different times during the week; although last night was a bit of an improvement as he slept a little longer than usual but it may be down to the fact he was tired and poorly and needed the rest.

Despite feeling drained and perhaps a little hung over last night after our alcohol-antics on Saturday, Luca and I still went to the gym, although as he wasn’t feeling very well he watched a marine documentary in the foyer as I worked out. Three weeks into my new membership and I’m trying hard to go to the gym for the majority of the week and start as I mean to go on; but as with all best intentions it’s not possible to go everyday for having the children, feeling rundown on a period, being ill or having other commitments or occasions to attend. But I like to think I make a good effort and it gives me a nice boost after every time I’ve been.

My Gym Routine 3Weeks After Starting

I’m trying to focus on toning up now that I have got to a weight that I am happy with, so I’ve started to do sit-ups at home and more weights at the gym. Luca found an application for his phone the other day which shows some great workout ideas so I might make a little video of the ones that I find work best for me and perhaps inspire others to give it a go, although it’s hard work it makes me feel so much better about myself and goes a little way each time to restoring my body confidence post-pregnancy. I’m now aiming to achieve a firm and flat stomach hopefully before Christmas so that I can eat a load of festive treats and my abdominal muscles will be strong enough to hold my belly back in and not make me look like Father Christmas! Well, I can dream! x

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