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So it was my 25th birthday two days ago and what a weekend it’s been! I think I need a holiday to recover from all of my unhealthy antics and actions, and speaking of holidays we’re about to book a fortnight away in the Mediterranean next summer which will be our first ever family holiday as a foursome, how wonderful and I cannot wait!

Back to this weekend with a bump and I’ve been a very naughty girl and done absolutely everything I shouldn’t but every second was well worth it :). I’ve eaten like a true glutton, an Indian, Chinese, McDonald’s, full English fry up brekkie, chocolate bars, cakes and doughnuts galore and sank more wine and spirits than the church. I’ve literally been on a crazy rampage for want of a better word, and well and truly let my hair down.

My whole thought process for the last 72hrs has been to deny and dismiss every naughty treat with the words “It’s ok, it’s my birthday!” and boy oh boy did I take full advantage of that. And it was great to give my bank balance a bit of a pounding with some retail therapy, afternoon wine and take-aways. And as much as I don’t welcome getting a year older each year, I’m relieved that it’s another 363 days until my next rampage. I don’t know how these rock stars keep it up 24/7, I’m far better suited to being a Ms Santa Rock Star – once a year!

So Luca’s birthday present was taking me wake boarding in Taplow, which involves being pulled along whilst standing on a board behind a boat on a lake. With the only problem being that I can’t swim, was hung-over from the night before and it was less than ten degrees outside now that it’s October. But I thought I’d bite the bullet and step out of my comfort zone and try my best to make Luca proud. Stepping into my wetsuit I limbered up like a spandex chicken about to run a race. Just walking barefoot on the clubhouse floor made me jump around like a cat on hot coals, or cold coals rather.

Luca Took Me To Taplow To Wake-Board For My 25th Birthday

I had my hair in cute pigtails to keep it off of my face, bubblegum pink lip gloss, two wet suits and a children’s life jacket along with a huge bag of naive enthusiasm which was soon wiped out the second that I fell off of the back of the boat into ice cold water with both my feet strapped to a wake-board. And a laughing Luca who was already in the water swimming towards me didn’t help my slight issue of being petrified of drowning.

Now this could have been a beautiful moment, much like the ending of the Titanic where Jack and Rose hold hands in the ice cold water and kiss and declare their eternal and undying love for one another; but as I started hyperventilating, my strapped up legs bobbed up and dragged me under the back of the boat with only my hands clinging onto the rear bar of the boat to hold me back, and what should my hero Luca do when he swam to my rescue? Laugh and try to prize my trembling fingers off of the bar! Between struggling to keep my heart from exploding and catching my breath from the freezing cold water I tried my best to shout like a drowned and very unladylike rat “Luca I can’t do this!” And as the boat sped off to shore leaving us bobbing like ducks in the middle of the vast expanse of water, I eventually calmed down and managed to convince myself that I wasn’t about to die and no monsters lurked beneath me about to drag me under the dark water.

It’s a funny thing facing your worst fears you know, because you don’t enter the battle zone on an even keel with your opponent, you’re already at a disadvantage from the panic, irrational thoughts and actions that your body throws at you and it’s a struggle to become calm and controlled to go at it with a clear mind. With my worst fear being drowning, I think if I hadn’t have gone in from off the back of the boat with my feet strapped to a board so I couldn’t swim in freezing water then I might have been alright. Say if I were on a hot beach, with crystal clear water lapping at my toes in a fashionable bikini and reggae playing from the beach bar then I think I may have had a better outlook on the whole experience.

But I gave it my best shot, and although I couldn’t manage wake-boarding because of my legs being strapped like some movie concrete-block-feet with a bag-over-the-head horrible killing, I did manage to go on a doughnut with Luca where we were thrown around behind the boat on inflatable rings. I laughed and screamed at the same time but when our rings went under and the cold waves came over my head I freaked out and begged to go back to dry land, scrambling out of the water like a horror scene from The Ring.

Nursing my hangover, stomach cramps from my period and ice cold limbs and blue trembling lips I wrapped myself in a towel and watched from the deck as Luca bravely glided across the lake like a swan on a string from off of the boat. And I have to say, even though I was a completely drenched and whining wuss, it was a great day and I had so much fun sitting on the boat laughing at the other guys getting smashed about on the water as we rode around in circles and went up on one side. I can totally see why people love water sports but I don’t think I’m ready to go again anytime soon, perhaps I’ll get some practise in first in my bubble bath with Millie’s rubber ducks and wait for my beach next summer.

Luca Took Like A Duck To Water Wake-Boarding

Please excuse my following swear words: weighing scales – you utter bastards! Now I know that I’ve been a complete bingeaholic this week, but it was my birthday! And there is supposed to be an unwritten law that you can do whatever you like on your birthday without it directly affecting reality, like a freeze-frame or a parallel universe, but it seems someone didn’t get the message, yes, that’s right, I mean you weighing scales! And it seems they have accidentally added four pounds to my weight this week! How very dare you!

My Weight Loss 24 Weeks After Giving Birth

But in good humour I shall take it on the chin, or should I say ‘chins’ and eat real food from the ground instead of junk and takeaways that grow on trees! And as I’ve hardly been to the gym to do much cardio this week I’m really looking forward to working up a sweat and going on a detox. I only managed to do three days at the gym last week with all of the antics of this weekend so I’m going to be a complete robot this week and push myself to the skinny side again.

My Gym Routine 6 Weeks After Starting

And as you can see from Gabriele’s sleep routine this week, he is getting better and better by the day at sleeping in. Despite him teething and loving his food, I think he’s doing really well bless him and I’m giving him lovely big kisses and cuddles as I write this.

Baby Gabriele’s Sleep Routine Week 23

And our little boy is six months old today, that’s half a year! How insane yet delightful at the same time. 🙂 He’s edging ever closer to crawling as the days pass, and yesterday he took one step towards Millie and said “Me-Meeee!” to her and it absolutely melted her heart. It’s beautiful to see the love between them, as soon as Gabriele sees Millie his whole face lights up and Millie holds his hand and touches his chubby cheeks like such a proud big sister.

Our Baby Deers: Millie Age 5 & Gabriele Age 6 Months

It’s only five days until Luca’s 29th birthday and then the countdown to Christmas begins and I’m so hyped for the rest of this year. Now all I have to do is find something equally as terrifying to rival Luca’s present to me for his birthday! Ooh decisions decisions. x

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