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Well, it’s the final day of Millie taking her antibiotics for her ear and throat infection and she has absolutely loved been off of school the cheeky monkey. Even though she doesn’t exactly look ill, the doctor advised we keep her home as she has highs and lows and her medication has to be taken cold from the fridge like clockwork which wouldn’t be suitable for school. The doctor also seemed to think that Millie wouldn’t be fit to concentrate on her schoolwork even if she did go, as being poorly would make her dozy and tired but she’s managed to play board games and her Nintendo DS pretty accurately the little sausage! I’m so pleased that she’s on the mend and things can get back to normal soon.

And baby Gabriele is making a wonderful recovery from his dehydration last week. He’s started taking his milk again and managed half a pot of rice pudding and two biscotti’s today! We’re still giving him Calpol and Nurofen several times a day every four hours to keep him comfortable and to help with his chesty cough that still seems to be going strong, but it’s so good to see him eating and passing poopy nappies again, I never thought I’d see the day when we’d beg for baby poo! But it goes to show that he’s taking solids and liquids properly and on the road to recovery.

Our Poorly Babies Staying At Home On Medication

As the poor little nugget is still ill he’s been napping a lot more recently, although we don’t know whether this was down to being poorly, having a growth spurt or cutting his third tooth. But either way it means that I can tinker with making Christmas surprises and do the washing so all is in order in the Kiss house finally!

Baby Gabriele’s Sleep Routine 30 Weeks After Birth

As you can see, Gabriele’s sleep routine has been all over the show again this week as he’s been so ill he’s waking himself up coughing and sneezing and whimpering as he doses off and there seems to be nothing that we can do to help him, other than give him his medicine and lots of cuddles. He’s a cheeky little chap at bedtime when one minute he’s fast asleep and the next he jumps upright and sits on his bottom baby garbling into the baby monitor to tell us he’s awake. It’s hilarious to see and melts our hearts to notice how his little personality and character is developing by the day.

My Gym Routine 13 Weeks After Starting

I’ve been a very good girl at the gym this week and now have a very stable and punishing workout routine that I’ve settled into. I’ve raised my resistance level on the bike to eleven now which is gruelling and makes me sweat like a pig, but when I stop after my sixty minutes of cardio I really feel like I’ve had a good burst and smashed a good amount of calories. My average workout is now hitting 500 calories per hour and it’s meant that despite me eating two three course meals this weekend, a bucket full of chocolate and advent treats, as well as drinking my bodyweight in spirits and cocktails I’ve possibly broken even on an average calorie allowance as I’ve worked out that little bit harder to compensate for it. And the sweat is totally worth it for a tonne of sugary treats on a cold winters evening. 🙂

Today I Upped My Leg Weights To 135kg

I am incredibly proud that my sparrow-legs are now capable of lifting 135kg on the leg press at the gym, what a difference from when I first started on 55kgs! I still need to work on my arms as I’m only lifting 9kgs which is good for a girl so I’ve been told, but I would like to be able to reach 15kgs to be at my prime, but I’m still a tad too scrawny in the arm muscle department at the moment so I’m applying a softly softly catch a monkey technique and thinking all in good time.

My Weight Loss 30 Weeks After Giving Birth

And after been an incredibly greedy piggy that has pigged so hard the farmers were in danger of hearing me oink, I am absolutely ecstatic that I have neither lost nor gained any weight this week. It goes to show that I have now struck a good balance of junk input vs. calorie burning to mean that I can eat like Henry VIII and still fit into my size 8 hotpants! Get in there!

A New Dress For Our Night On The Tiles

Luca and I had a night out two days ago for a friend’s birthday for which I treated myself to a new lace dress, which on first appearances seems to be very short and a bit revealing for a mother of two. But fear not! It is actually a jumpsuit, which means that the bottom of it is a pair of shorts sewn down the middle so that no modesty is lost, and to be doubly sure of keeping everything unseen I wore a huge pair of girl boxer shorts underneath. The only downside to it was every time I needed the loo, which was quite often after drinking a few too many doubles, I had to get Luca to unzip me out of the jumpsuit and literally stand in just my bra to go to the toilet, which when you’re a little intoxicated can be a tricky task!

And as we were going for a Christmas-ish three course meal, for which the only vegetarian main was salad *yawn* I decided to eat a nice big dinner before we went out in order to satisfy my piggy tummy, and all in all I managed a vegetable curry prior to dinner, tomato bruschetta as a starter, a goats cheese and onion salad as a main and a toffee bombe cheesecake for afters followed by several martinis, bacardi, vodka and cocktails. And the best part of it all, after strolling to bed just after 3am, having six hours sleep and doing the food shopping I somehow managed to cook a three-course roast dinner with all of the trimmings for six of us to celebrate my parents anniversary. God knows how I managed that! But it was the most perfect weekend filled with love, laughter and lovely cuddles from our babies.

And today, whilst sitting on the toilet for inspiration, I managed to finish the last of my Christmas shopping which this year I seem to have been very late to do as I normally have it all covered by October at the latest. But I’ve been a busy bunny so I hope that Santa will forgive me for getting in my order last-minute. Only 22 days until Christmas and I can’t wait! x

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