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Hasn’t my lovely bank account had a bit of a pounding this week! And it’s the best way to start a new year by bashing all of the trapped money out of my Natwest current account and going on a shopping spree; first it was the mountain of Christmas presents, followed by a load of new clothes on New Years Eve, a new cooker, four slice toaster, kettle bells, ornate 7ft indoor tree, giant iron wall clock, and now a home gym/office!

Now, aside from having spent again on my new gym bike, this time I can totally justify my purchase as recently it has been hell trying to get to the gym as having a baby and a child in school means that I’m forever popping in and out and all over the place but never have the time or opportunity to go out by myself. So attending the gym was evenings, weekends or mornings if I could kidnap my lovely mother. But as the New Year has started, everybody has their own things to do and own deadlines to hit and in my attending the gym for an hour a few nights a week I totally threw the balance of the whole family and it wasn’t fair.

So, having sadly now cancelled my gym membership, for which I absolutely loved and will miss it terribly, I have tried to soothe my wounds by kitting up my gym bike in order to take over the world. May I present to you, my Macbike!

Step Into My New Office

Now I can workout whilst I’m actually working, with baby Gabriele at home with me whilst Millie is at school. No late night gym dash or early morning dart, but cardio anytime day or night to fit around the family, genius! Not only does it allow me to workout EVEN MORE than I have been, but it’s also saving me the cost of a gym membership each month! Totally justified 110%! Shame my new shoes and bags don’t have the same rate of return on them, but hey ho we can’t have everything. Maybe I could wire a kinetic battery to my Ugg boots to generate electricity and power the washing machine when I walk?

Working Whilst Working Out On My New Gym Bike

And Luca rolled his eyes to give me his seal of approval after I set it up, and I am now peddling away whilst I’m typing this blog update. Men will never understand the power of multitasking, it’s almost a curse at times, but when you learn to control it you can achieve anything!

Dinner & Dumbbells For Baby G

And Gabriele is well on his way to joining his mummy on the stamina and strength front as he workouts whilst eating pasta stars. He’s been a little funny with his food recently, one day he can’t get enough of solids and the next he’ll only take milk. Which is more than likely down to the fact that his top two front teeth are coming through and he is biting everything and anything he can get his hands on, Joey the dog and Toby the cat beware!

Gabriele’s Top Front Teeth Have Cut Through Finally

And I have to say that I am in love with our new cooker and toaster. Luca and Millie have said how much nicer dinner tastes when cooked on the new cooker, everything seems crunchier, fluffier and thicker somehow, I think they’re either dreaming or my cooking has improved by divine intervention. My cheeky little extra purchase was the four slice-badboy toaster to match as Luca always moans about me burning it under the grill and not cooking it equally on both sides, so now I pop in a family’s worth of bread in the morning and make Millie’s lunchbox for school whilst my bread bronzes itself to perfection without batting an eyelid. Life is so simple thanks to these boxes of metal!

Our New Cooker And 4-Slice Toaster

And as I surrender my gym membership I have to say that I am sad to let it go, but also excited to continue working out from home. Looking at my vessel in the mirror today I am quite possibly in the best shape of my life after having had the two children and trying to tone up, aside from my junk food binges wrecking my plans. I’m so hyper for this summer and booking a lovely holiday with Luca and the children on a gorgeous beach in paradise somewhere. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a good year!

Am I Bikini Ready 36 Weeks After Giving Birth?

As you can see I’m back on form at the gym after slacking off over Christmas, and finally filling up my chart again. My stamina has returned, I feel great and have so much energy and I’m hoping this time next year that I will be doubling my efforts and dumping off any unwanted body fat in favour of eating healthy and refusing junk food. I know that it’s a way of life to change your eating habits entirely and cut out junk, but it’s the next step on my road to enlightenment, and I spent the first eighteen years of my life avoiding junk so really it’s only a seven year habit that I have to kick! Surely it can’t be that hard!

My Gym Routine 19 Weeks After Starting

Stepping on the scales this morning I wasn’t afraid for once, and I was pretty pleased to see that my weight hadn’t changed from last week. Although I haven’t lost any more I’m now maintaining the weight that I am and managing to stick at a level point that I’m happy with. A few months ago I couldn’t seem to get below nine and a half stone, but since upping my cardio, toning up and eating more I’ve managed to get into the eight-stone club and I love it! Any number beginning with eight, whether it’s eight-one or eight-thirteen is enough to make me feel good, as long as I feel healthy, have energy, can eat like a beast and the doctor says I’m within my ideal weight and BMI then I’m proud and excited with what I’ve achieved.

My Weight Loss 36 Weeks After Giving Birth

Somebody needs to tell this little cheeky monkey of ours that bedtime is a good time to sleep, because Mummy and Daddy look like robots/zombies trying to recover from being woken several times a night for feeds and grumbles. I’m trying to convince myself that his restlessness at night has always been caused by something greater than his body clock, his teething, having a cold or trapped wind; but now I just think he’ll forever be having growth spurts and sleeping well, then catching another cold and waking up every hour, then getting into a nice routine before more teeth cutting through and screaming all night. But it’s expected, he’s a baby and I’m a Mummy so we’re in this together and we both know what we’ve got to do, so I’ll get on with it and say no more!

Baby Gabriele’s Nighttime Routine 36 Weeks After Birth

Luca an I have had our first actual day off in years today, after we dropped Millie at school and Gabriele to Luca’s mum in a desperate bid for freedom, for a little quiet time alone to do whatever we wanted. We’d actually counted down to this day for an entire week as we daydreamed about going for a quiet romantic lunch or wondering the shops hand-in-hand, away from the hustle and bustle of supermarkets and routines and just to be out together whiling away the afternoon on Luca’s day off. But as soon as we dropped the kids off we felt absolutely lost and sat in the car for a good ten minutes thinking of things to do. And we couldn’t think of anything. We decided to go for food but didn’t fancy anything too heavy or spicy or greasy so we ended up having a salad roll at the burger van next to the car wash whilst my car was getting cleaned. And most Monday’s we do the same so it was nothing special, but we realised how much we like it. Then we went to have a browse around the shops and look for some new shoes and a jacket and where did we end up? In the children’s toys feeling guilty, so we bought Gabriele a trumpet and Millie a bouncy ball maker! Somehow our day gravitated towards everything that we always moan about having to do, but the only difference was today we were by ourselves and it dawned on us that what we love doing most is what we already have in our lives! These seemingly menial and little things actually bring us together. How funny is that!? So we had our salad roll, stopped off at the carwash, bought the children some toys, picked up my exercise bike and came home. And now as I type in my office of sweat and keyboards and Luca lists some boys toys on ebay we’re like sitting ducks waiting to go and collect the children, but we’re lovely ducks who are so lucky to have each other, on our little pond, with an exercise bike. Awwww x

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