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So this week has been a barrel of laughs, on Monday I was given the all clear for my laser eye surgery and had to wait another four days until treatment which left me like a cat on a hot tin roof bouncing about and counting down the minutes until I would have perfect vision.

In the meantime I busied myself with the excitement of having my eyebrows tattoo’d which was so much fun. Not that needles are pleasant or rewarding exactly, but having my brows shaped and styled has made such a difference to my face and I love them so much. It’s odd how making such a small change can have such a great effect on your confidence and I finally feel that my face is balanced and as it should be after having plucked myself like a goose several years ago. I have my second eyebrow tattoo session in three weeks time to add a second shade of brown to my brows as the first is a base colour, which has already scabbed and is now starting to lift off to show the brown hair-strokes underneath – how clever!

My New Eyebrow Tattoo’s

It was the end of term for Millie at school and she was allowed to dress as her favourite animal, for which she chose to be a snow leopard. She saw a TV appeal to save the snow leopards about a year ago and since then she has donated money, acquired a snow leopard teddybear and also a onesie; so teamed with a pink lipstick nose, thick eyebrows and whiskers she skipped to school to celebrate her end of term.

Millie Dressed As A Snow Leopard For Her Last Day Of Term

She also had TWO hotdogs and drew some pretty pictures, gone are the days when I was young enough to get excited about an afternoon of hot lunches and lipstick noses. Alas, since Friday when I had my laser eye surgery I have been a makeupless night-walker with my dark glasses and bag of medication. I was surprised how quick and easy it was to have my eyes lasered, and my vision is now absolutely amazing; it has been confirmed to be 20/20 which is better than it’s ever been and I can’t wait for my eyes to heal. I’m putting in drops every hour as my left eye is slightly puffy, and drop administration is now something I can add to my list of skills. It took a bit of getting used to, and my cheek has had a nice bathe in solution each time but now I’m able to do it myself it makes life so much easier. I have another week and a half until I can wear makeup and remove my dark glasses that I wear indoors and out, day and night; and that means it’s perfect timing to get glammed up for our fifth years anniversary dinner.

My Left Eye After Having Laser Eye Surgery

It was Valentines day on Thursday and Luca and I spent the afternoon out and about together. We exchanged gifts and had both bought each other perfume which was a safe bet, I’d also gotten Luca a teddy bear in the shape of a ‘love monster’ because it was so cheesy I couldn’t resist! Luca actually loves teddies, I told him at 29-years of age it is perfectly acceptable to be in touch with his plush-toy side and nothing to be ashamed of. I on the other hand have about three teddies which Luca has given to me over the years, which versus his army of thirty-something is pretty low-key, so I hope they will never go to war or I’ll have to enrol some of Millie’s trillion and one troops.

Our Valentine’s Gifts 2013

We had a lovely Indian for lunch in Tring and went underwear shopping after buying some new hair straighteners and Luca getting me a bunch of roses, and it was a really lovely day. It’s strange when you’ve been together for five years, you don’t always notice the romance or take time out together, but Valentine’s for us is a kick up the rear end to actually appreciate one another and to show how much we care. And if that means we swap perfumes that we bought the day before for each other then that’s what we do! I don’t really buy into the whole “We don’t need Valentine’s Day to show our love for each other so we won’t celebrate it” because in our home, I don’t get hearts and kisses and flowers everyday so I look forward to my perfume and flower annual event as it’s the only time in the year I ever get them. And it’s not all about receiving a gift, it’s about recognising how thankful you are to have found somebody to share your life with. It’s also an all-out battle to see who got the best gift/card without trying too hard; I’m not sure who won on the card front this year mind, as mine came in a pretty box and Luca’s was ridiculously huge! But I’m hoping that someday soon Luca will surprise me by telling me we can set a date for our wedding, preferably before I start needing a purple rinse and support stockings. Failing that, perhaps we could make it into the Guinness World Record’s for having the longest ever engagement known to man, or mammal.

As my eyes have been lasered and I have to rest, wear eye shields and not have anything near my face, avoid moisture and various other adverse weather conditions and light, my parents offered to have the children over for a sleepover weekender during this half term which has been a God send as it’s meant I can concentrate on resting up and healing. I feel like a complete spare part not having the children hanging from my ankles, but it’s been amazing to actually sleep for the first time in years. The night after my surgery I slept for FOURTEEN HOURS in one hit, I can’t even remember sleeping that well as a seven year old and I feel so much better for it. I popped over to my parents during the day on Sunday with the kidaroo’s for a nice Sunday lunch and a hair wash as I’m unable to get any water near my face which is an impossible task on my own, so I enrolled the help of my mum. And after my delicious dinner and blow-dry I wrapped Gabriele up in a little blanket and rocked him to sleep whilst feeding him his bottle and he was so tired his lips flopped open and a little dribble came out as he snored in my arms and I couldn’t resist taking this picture!

Baby Gabriele Was Too Tired To Finish His Milk At 9 Months

He will be ten months old in a week and a half and his strength is coming on leaps and bounds. He stands by himself, shimmies his way along the sofa and table standing up, climbs the stairs several times a day and has a new found obsession with turning handles and knobs on things. He has four teeth at present but two more are coming through along the bottom and is hair is starting to thicken gradually. We’ll be starting plans for his first birthday soon and can’t wait to make it a day to remember!

And as the children have been over my parents this weekend I can’t bore you with a night time routine chart of endless coloured dots highlighting the gazillion times that he wakes at night, nor can I show you what I look like in my underwear following my weight loss and working out as I have been banned from all exercise for a week until my eyes have healed incase the flaps over my corneas split and fall open! So instead I will leave you with this thought:

“Love – a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.” – Author Unknown

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