It’s Christmas Eve And We’re No Longer Sick!

Wow, what a week it has been! Millie had her school nativity on Wednesday and she was a part of the choir. She looked so adorable in her coloured shirt and pigtails and sang so sweetly. There were very little acting roles in this years nativity and we were half expecting Millie to be given the part of a shepherd or a donkey with other non-speaking children and homemade costumes, but the school decided to give the children red, yellow and green festive shirts as they sang Christmas songs and it was absolutely adorable to watch.

Millie Sang As Part Of The Choir At Her School Nativity

But four hours after she finished her play, when I came to collect her after school the smiles and excitement had gone and she was a sorry little sight bless her. She had a terrible high temperature and was crying and shaking as I carried her back to the car where she passed out in her car seat from being so weak. She complained of a severe pain in her side and across her stomach and her skin had turned a patchy dark pink and white with a rash across her neck and chest and it was horrifying to see her so limp and pale.

As it was half past three we had no hope of seeing a doctor on the same day, so we drove her straight to hospital to the A&E and were seen pretty quickly. As she’d complained of a pain coming and going in her side a few times before over the last couple of months we suddenly realised that it may have been her appendix as my mum had hers removed as a child after the same pains. After the nurses pressed on her stomach, took her temperature and a urine sample they were confident that it wasn’t her appendix as she would have been in agony simply from them touching her; but she was distracted by them asking her about Father Christmas as they pressed around on her stomach and suddenly she said the pain was gone.

She did however have a 40 degree temperature which explained the blotchy skin and heat rash and the nurse advised she stay at home and take medicine to relieve the discomfort but it would have to pass in it’s own time. And as she only had a day and a half left at school she stayed home until it was the holidays. One minute she would be full of beans and chirpy and the next weak and sleepy again. She wasn’t coughing or sneezing so there were no obvious signs of if she was getting better or not, but every night she seemed to get a temperature again and during the day she lost her appetite and complained of stomach pains.

Thankfully she is much better now, although you never fully know what to put it down to, she could be tired from playing or because she’s ill, and hot because of a fever or because she’s been too active and made herself warm. But her appetite has improved and she’s not as delicate and easy to whine and moan anymore. She doesn’t normally whimper and cry over silly things, only when she’s not feeling well or having to return home from visiting friends and family so it’s normally a good marker to go by.

Gabriele Is Fascinated By Wrapping Paper

And our cheeky nugget Gabriele has been keeping us busy by motoring across the carpet and over to the Christmas tree to snatch hold of a present, tear off the paper and attempt to suck on the shiny bow. He is absolutely fascinated by the shiny paper and ribbons and stiffens up his arms and legs in excitement, we literally can’t wait for the children to open their presents tomorrow morning!

On Saturday night we were looking forward to a well-deserved night out for Luca’s cousins surprise 30th birthday and I volunteered to drive so that I could come home early to watch over the children and only drank water at dinner. I can’t remember the last time I drank water at dinner but it made a nice change and I was so grateful that I was driving when after dinner I had the worst stomach pains and realised I was already half an hour late for getting home. After saying goodbye and driving back I was literally wincing in pain with the cramps in my stomach and naturally thought it was my period. But as soon as I got through the front door I ran up the stairs and threw up uncontrollably. It was such a shock and I hadn’t felt sick at all, just achy with it being the wrong time of the month. Knowing that Luca was still out I text him to say I wasn’t well, but when he called me back I could hardly speak between throwing up, breathing and then throwing up some more. It left me pale and shaking with the most painful stomach as I scrambled into bed with a hot water bottle, pyjamas and dressing gown tucked up under the duvet. One minute I was freezing and the next I was sweating. I couldn’t take any painkillers as every time I moved I was sick and couldn’t keep anything down. The most I could manage was a sip of tepid water every few hours.

Thankfully Luca got a taxi home early just as I was throwing up for the final time and in the morning he took the children to his parents so that I could rest. But when he got there I had a call to say that Luca was throwing up everywhere and couldn’t get up off of the sofa. For once we had been on a night out together, not drank and returned home at a very reasonable hour but somehow managed to be in the worst state ever feeling absolutely destroyed, and I would have gladly taken a hangover over it any day.

After literally collapsing in bed until 4pm I thankfully no longer felt sick but my muscles were like jelly and my head was burning hot, I felt like a spaceman walking in iron boots across the moon. Gradually I’ve been nibbling at food again, although only bread and two oranges yesterday and a muffin and some potatoes today. So I’m hoping that by tomorrow we can both face a Christmas dinner, as at the moment the thought of a roast and trimmings with a glass of mulled wine makes me want to gag rather than party. But I’m sure that by morning we’ll both be back to 100% because that’s the magic of Christmas! It seems that it was only a 48hr bug that has apparently been going around for some months now.

My Weightloss 33 Weeks After Giving Birth

Speaking of Christmas magic, I think I may have already had a dose or two this week when I managed to lose an entire 4lbs! But it’s probably down to the fact that I put my entire weekends worth of food back down the toilet courtesy of my mouth, and as soon as I touch a mince pie or gingerbread house my thighs will all too readily adjust accordingly.

My Gym Routine 16 Weeks After Starting

And as I’ve been a shaky mess this week I’ve been so lax at the gym and only managed some cardio at the start of the week. I usually space my situps and weights across the weekend to make up for missed time, but as I could hardly lift my head from the pillow I’ve had little hope of finding my abs or biceps this week. And with the amount of food we’re about to eat over the next few days having Christmas with both sets of parents I suspect I should have really doubled my efforts at the gym and not halved them. Oh well!

Baby Gabriele’s Sleep Routine 33 Weeks After Birth

Gabriele has been tossing and turning like a pancake at night, he’s no longer ill thankfully, but he’s teething and sometimes farting himself awake at night. It doesn’t help that he’s not as keen on his solid food recently as when he chews it hurts his gums, so when he’ll only take a bottle of milk before bed it means that he’s waking up more often during the night to feed.

But all in all, we seem to be well finally and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas! I hope that wherever you are and whatever you do, that you have a magical time with the ones that you love. x x x x Merry Christmas x x x x x

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