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My under eyes have always been an area of my face that I’ve found to be particularly ageing. For as long as I can remember I’ve always suffered from dark circles under my eyes which I’ve tried to improve by drinking plenty of water, using special creams and even laying with cucumbers on my face at night to cool my skin but nothing has ever shifted them. Putting makeup helps to hide the dark circles a little but across the day foundation cracks and cakes and makes me look and feel even older. With time I’ve noticed the skin beneath my eyes has also become thinner and more delicate and as it’s lost its plumpness over the years I now have a small indentation running downwards in line with my nose on either side.

Under Eye Rejuvenation is an advanced non-social cosmetic procedure which instantly provides a smooth, rested look to the under eye area which can become dark and sunken with age. Towards the end of my twenties I noticed how I constantly appeared tired with and without makeup even after I’ve just woken up. This treatment aims to minimise the dark shadow under the eye and replace lost volume with a gentle filler for which results last between 12-18months. Dr Chia Tan of Harley Street MD performed my treatment today and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the comment box below.

Dr Chia Tan Performed My Under Eye Rejuvenation

After having a consultation with Dr Tan to discuss my problem areas and expectations I was asked to remove my foundation from under my eyes and the top of my cheeks. The area needs to be clean and clear to assess how much filler is needed. Juvederm Volbella is a very soft and gentle high quality filler with a water-like appearance and texture perfectly suited to the under eye area as thicker gel fillers are reserved for areas which require structure such as the cheeks. This particular filler doesn’t create a Tyndall effect which can make the skin appear a blueish grey colour when dispersing light under the skin and so a quality filler such as this will always stay clear.

Juvederm Volbella Is A Gentle Filler Ideal For The Under Eye

After applying a numbing cream to the under eye area for a few minutes Dr Tan then proceeded to administer a local anaesthetic injection to each cheek to numb the tissue in preparation for treatment. The very fine needle itself wasn’t uncomfortable but due to the pH balance of the anaesthetic it contained it caused a slight stinging sensation for a couple of seconds before it turned numb. A cold compress was then patted under the eye to shrink the blood vessels and make the area as numb and comfortable as possible.

An Anaesthetic, Cannula And Syringe Are Used For This Procedure

For this treatment Dr Tan used a cannula – a wide blunt needle – to make a single insertion point on each cheek. As opposed to having multiple needle holes around each eye to inject the filler into the desired areas, having one site on each side reduces the risk of infection, minimises bruising and swelling and prevents damage to the nerves and tear ducts making the procedure far safer and discreet. A longer finer needle is then inserted into the cannula hole in order to thread the filler into position by moving the needle in a gentle linear motion back and forth which also minimises the chance of lumps forming. The filler itself can be massaged into position directly after it’s applied and the results are immediate. The under eye area will swell by around 10-20% over the first 72hrs and gradually settle down to reveal the final results after two weeks. Dr Tan explained that he prefers to underfill the eye area because of this and reassess it for a top-up if necessary rather than applying too much filler which can cause the eyes to remain puffy and swollen looking and would need to be dissolved with a solution to remove it.

The Procedure Is Pain Free And Takes Approximately 30mins

I wanted this procedure to look natural and undetectable and so I only had a single 1ml syringe of filler spread between both of my under eyes with most people needing between 1-2ml to achieve their desired results. In total my appointment lasted one hour which included the consultation, numbing and treatment and I am thrilled with my results. The only sign of my treatment is a tiny cannula pin point on either cheek which easily covers with foundation. As you can see from the video I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort and I received no bruising or side effects. Dr Tan advised I try to sleep on my back this evening rather than laying on my face or side in order to reduce the swelling, I should avoid alcohol and exercise for the first 48hrs and refrain from sunbeds and saunas for the next two weeks. I can continue to use face wipes, cleanser, toner and moisturiser and should aim to drink as much water as possible to keep my skin hydrated.

Tracy Kiss Under Eye Rejuvenation Before & After

I feel years younger in an instant and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My dark circles are certainly lighter and easier to cover with just a hint of foundation and the hollowness and indentations have been removed as the skin is smoother with a youthful plumpness. I always say the sign of a quality cosmetic procedure is no sign of the treatment at all, to look natural rather than fake and I couldn’t be happier with how bright and well rested I now look. To think that these results will last 12-18months makes the cost of £350 for one syringe incredibly worthwhile and a second syringe at £300. Dr Tan has very kindly provided me with a 10% discount to my readers if you quote my name upon booking. I hope that in seeing my treatment and results you have a better understanding of under eye rejuvenation is performed, the results you can expect and a personal recommendation of a professional practitioner so that you can make an informed decision on whether it is right for you.


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