Tracy Kiss Ask Me Anything: Penis Size, Pizzas, Vibrators & Pet Ducks

Now when I welcome my beloved readers to Ask Me Anything I really do mean what I say as I don’t think there’s much point in opening up a question and answer session to only censor your true thoughts and beliefs. Whilst the contents of this session amusingly involved discussions on sex, love, pet ducks and panties I never know which question is coming next or where the comments will take me as I read through my newsfeed and answer from the heart.

I have marked this video as age-restricted as it is only suitable for people over the age of 18yrs for it’s content and hope that those of you who watch it will have a sense of humour and see it for the lighthearted banter that it is. I love getting to know my followers and equally answering questions and opening doors to the mystery Miss Kiss that I am. It’s all a bit of fun and I’ve realised that it takes quite a lot to actually embarrass me. I hope that you’ll enjoy this session and thank you as always for your love, support and comments x X x


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Tracy Kiss

Social influencer, Bodybuilder, Mother, Vegan
London, UK

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  • Its not only the size that matters its how long you can last and try different ways to make it more exciting

  • Not sure why but it’s like I’m really interested in reading your stuff… I’ve seen you a few times on links on Facebook and I’ve been ooo I’ll have a look an she what she’s about an it turns out I like reading what you blog! … I’m hoping to get your book on payday this Friday maybe next week!

    • Thank you Lauren that’s so kind of you 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts on my books, the erotic trilogy is Traces Of Me, Traces Of You and Traces Of Us and have a strong message of self acceptance and love. Traces Of I is a non-erotic version for a wider audience with the same storyline just censored.

  • You are very interesting and exciting lady love your ask me anything blog or anything else that you do is so cool and awesome

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