Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit

When it comes to being summer ready I have an uphill struggle on my hands each year as every birthday candle I collect seems to equate to an additional pound that I stow on my waistline and I’m certainly not an effortlessly skinny spring chicken anymore! Gone are the days when I could eat like a fool and still waltz around waif like and now I have to be calorie conscious, active and attentive to my lifestyle in order to get the best out of my body and health which is why the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit has got my summer body thankfully back on track!

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit

Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit

Specially designed to kickstart the new you in just seven days the weight loss starter kit allows you to take control of your weight and build a healthy foundation to follow for long-term and long-lasting results without yo-yo’ing like the copious fads and latest diets on the market do. Following on from this there is also a Weight Loss Advanced Kit to assist in weight management and maintenance and the Ultimate Weight Loss Kit to sustain results whilst getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My handy kit comes complete with a low calorie weight loss shake containing Sculpting Whey which I have substituted for pea-protein in order to suit my vegan diet, Hunger Fix powerful appetite surpassing capsules, essential multivitamins a shaker bottle, recipe and weight loss book packed full of delicious, nutritious and calorie conscious meals and helpful hints and tips to get the most from your diet.

The meal plans feature bright, fresh and mouth-watering foods to cover all tastes from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking to shakes and desserts in an easy to follow step-by-step guide with preparation, cooking times and calorie contents for all. One thing I really get stuck on is varying my diet enough to stop myself from getting bored and snacking so it’s great to have a properly proportioned and healthy choice of foods that can be cooked to suit a vegan, vegetarian or meat-based diet as I simply switch whey protein for pea protein, dairy for rice or almond milk and meat for soya mince or quorn. Some of my favourites are the Vanilla & Almond Breakfast Bowl, Minty Pineapple Shake, Sweet & Sour Lentil Dhal and Banana & Blueberry Muffins with my daughter salivating over the Toasted Muffin With Egg & Smoked Salmon, Peach Melba Shake, Moroccan Lamb With Apricots & Almonds and Strawberry Cheesecake With Sculpting Whey.

I'm Munching My Way Through The Guilt-Free Meal Plan

I’m Munching My Way Through The Guilt-Free Meal Plan

Whey not only assists in a healthy diet and weight loss but can also help you to tone up and build muscle if required. When used as part of a fruity shake it’s also surprisingly filling keeping cravings and snacking to a minimum whilst being low in fat and calories making it the ideal meal replacement if you’re short on time. Containing the natural metabolism boosting ingredients of green tea and guarana it also helps to burn fat whilst providing a nice kick of energy to keep you active and alert all day. The hunger fix capsules stop that little voice inside my head tempting my tastebuds to snack and the multivitamins are a great allrounder to keep the immune system and skin on point.

I love how bright, straight-forward and clear the books are and the recipes are so varied, well planned and manageable for even the most basic of cooks. I no longer have to stick my head into the fridge at the end of the day and wonder what on earth I can make for dinner because I already have it planned out for me which helps to ingrain positive eating habits into my diet and lifestyle. Suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and easily adaptable for vegans the 100% natural ingredients are side-effect free and leave me with bags of energy to enjoy my meal times without punishing or denying myself the foods that I love most. Being fit and healthy is the best future you can have and everyone can attain the body of their dreams thanks to these quick and easy lifestyle steps!
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