Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey At The Gym

So I’m onto the third book in the trilogy of Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L James and I have to admit I am well and truly hooked. After reading about the first handful of sexual encounters in the storyline I have now become immune to the supposed public embarrassment of openly reading the book and divulge in its fiction feverishly whilst on the bike at the gym.

I think the set up of characters are fantastic and the storyline entirely believable and page turning. I literally cannot wait until I can go back to the gym so I can read more. And as I furiously pedal away, reading and sweating like a trooper, turning page after page smirking and raising an eyebrow every now and then you can guarantee that at least one person always seems to want to strike up a conversation with me and distract me mid-flow from my reading; and as I look up bewildered and caught off balance I suddenly find it hard to regain my composure and not start my response with “Clitoris?”

Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey At The Gym Has Helped Me Reach A Record Distance On The Bike!

And as I approach the last chapters of the third and final book I regretfully wish it would never end! I’ve heard word of it being made into a film and I hope that it may be conveniently released by the date that I finish reading my final page. Although I would imagine it may work a hell of a lot better as a soap opera, ongoing and ever progressing for the next hundred years or so for which I would selflessly like to volunteer myself to play the role of Anastasia Steele if Ms James should be reading this; despite the fact that I can’t act, which may actually make me even more perfectly suitable for this role!

It seems to happen to me every time that I read a good book, I become so consumed and cocooned by its enchantment that I never want it to end, and several hundred pages always seem to finish far too soon. I’ve therefore resigned myself to only read books in a decalogy (series of ten) if not more, and should no such thing exist then I insist that somebody should start it off right now and I am disappointed that this wasn’t the case sooner.

A small part of me is twitching at the thought of writing open-ended fiction, an adventurous and exhilarating journey that would never end. Ooh…! I wonder if I could balance my Macbook on the bike at the gym!?

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