Woolwich Soldier Attack

On Wednesday 22nd May 2013 in Woolwich, England, a solider was murdered in cold blood on the streets of London.

BBC news quotes:
One man – his hands covered in blood- was filmed by a passer-by, saying he carried out the attack because British soldiers killed Muslims every day. Two men were shot by police at the scene. One is in a serious condition. Cub Scout leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett asked him: “Would you like to give me what you have in your hands?” “He was covered with blood,” she said. “I thought I had better talk to him before he starts attacking somebody else.”

She says the suspect told her the dead man was a British soldier, adding: “I killed him because he kills Muslims over there and I am fed up that people kill Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

What is our world coming to when an innocent man, woman or child is murdered on the street for all to see? Whether it be in England, Afghanistan or Timbuktu it makes no difference because the action is what is wrong. And the people carrying out these attacks and acts of violence are not human, because humans have the ability to judge right from wrong, to assess a situation and to weigh up the consequences before following through their actions and the unconscious desire to protect life. And these inhumane people must live and die with the results of their actions on their hands for life. Revenge shouldn’t be carried out on the opposing people, it shouldn’t be carried out at all, instead the reason for the hostility should be sought from the leaders creating the environment in the first place.

We wouldn’t need soldiers to risk their lives to protect others if the leaders hadn’t put them into that position to start with. Terrorism has been nurtured and fed by our own racism, hatred and stereotypes of today’s society and we should all take a step back and become accountable for our own actions. Just because a body of power says it’s ok to kill or seek revenge doesn’t make it right, it shouldn’t allow a person to unashamedly void themselves of emotion and conscience in order to carry out an horrific attack in the name of what they’re told is right. As a mother, father, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, uncle or friend even, if they were told to do the same act of hatred to the one that they love most in life would they be so quick to act?

It is not fair to turn a nation upside down and the entire population against one another because of the breakdown in communication and failure to find peace between two people at the very top of the chain being unable to agree. The world should not be ruled by delegation.

Our children deserve to live in a time of peace and security, we should not fight the battles of others and victimise the innocent because all too quickly the world can be brought to it’s knees if we all sought an eye-for-an-eye.

Make a stand today, for all of the people fighting to survive, battling illnesses famine and terrible living conditions, for those clinging onto every last ounce of hope and goodness left for a chance to remain on this earth and live like us all. When we see the most vile and unimaginable acts carried out do not seek revenge, seek justice. Turn your hatred to positivity and counteract violence with change. You cannot fight fire with fire or the world will simply burn, you must extinguish the flames and repair the damage caused. And the spark has started from the leaders, not the public, so seek the root and work outwards.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and there is nobody on this earth with the power to say definitively what is the right or wrong action. But we can remember who we are and what we all have in common, the desire to live. So vote with your dignity, do not rise to racism and violence but instead hold the leaders accountable. We are pawns in a worldwide political game of chess but together, in numbers, we can be heard. So lead by example and communicate or we will all lose this precious life that we have been given.

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